[Archive] Exporting the CDO Contest Model in T9A & Chaos Dwarfs sighted in AoS


Chaos Dwarfs Online stand as an example of how a wargaming community, when left out in the cold, can keep the flame alive by all manner of creative drives, ranging from fan-written army books, artwork, conversion articles, contests, image galleries and a string of other activities and features. What once was true for a fringe element of the Warhammer community, became true for large parts of it following the End Times.

One fruit of the new fantasy wargame scene is the Ninth Age (T9A), a historically based fantasy setting and miniature game close to Warhammer Fantasy. Now, T9A has followed in Chaos Dwarfs Online’s footsteps and launched their first competition based on CDO’s doings over the years (but with a contest software of their own for voting). Might be fun to check out, and maybe even an excuse to draw some evil midgets in combat against dark warriors of fell gods:


Today, the Ninth Age Team reveal its first Art Contest, pitting Warriors of the Dark Gods against others. Itching for some drawing or painting? Have some ideas to sketch out? Got an epic visual in your head to get down on paper? Then now is a good opportunity to let loose your inner artist!

Check it out, there are a slew miniature prizes up for grabs, including a random give-away:

[align=center]Art Contest I[/align]

This is your chance to have your fantasy artwork show up in official publications!

Expect more of the same to come if this catch on, and who knows if modelling/painting and even writing competitions could lie around the corner?

Furthermore, Chaos Dwarfs have now been glimpsed in Age of Sigmar background! Chaos Dwarf pirates spotted. Who knows what hobbyist creativity this may spark? :yar

Promising fluff nuggets indeed, and a sign that the evil Dwarf archetype refined by Games Workshop and Chaos Dwarf enthusiasts over the years is here to stay in fantasy.

Just wanted to mention it: Back in the day, these kinds of sightings and developments may have been front page stuff on this very site.

Also on CDO: Golden Hat XXX


Good for those artistically talented. keep us informed


Good work Admiral! Im tempted to give it a whirl!


Oh my, oh my! And with a long amount of time left until it ends too!


Cheers! There’ll be lots of artists entering, it seems like.

Some more details on our evil stunties in Age of Sigmar:

Just been on TGA, talking about fluff. Seems that FW have put the LoA directly in  the Mortal Realms. So we are official

�?~Forge World updated their Legions of Azghor fluff: “Twisted Duardin who sell their souls in service to Hashut, the Legion of Azgorh are infamous for the terror they spread across Aqshy the Realm of Fire… Entrenched within a dread fortress built in the Ashcloud Mountains, they harbour utter contempt for all others. Man or beast; grot or monster �?” all fall before them, enslaved to fuel the Legion�?Ts malevolent industry and sacrificial pyres. Masters of murderous war engines and unyielding iron, the realms tremble when the Legion of Azgorh marches forth."�?T

Uther the unhinged

Uther the unhinged:

At the moment seems that gw love subfactions. So kharadrons have liads of subfactions with slightly different rules. With loa warscrolls gaining the dawi zharr key word you have to wonder if dawi zharr, legion of Vyxa is coming! Maybe mew rules, maybe new aesthetic or even new models?

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice to hear more about us in AoS, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know we are still here! :slight_smile:


Chaos Dwarfs seem to be like cockroaches. There’s no killing us off. :wink:

For a perspective to how CDO relates to the Ninth Age, and for a handy compilation list of more or less the entire Chaos Dwarf culture project, check this out.