[Archive] Extremely Rare Unreleased CD model on Ebay!



For the first time, The extremely Rare Unreleased Chaos Dwarf in Black Orc Armour has shown up on Ebay.

Just wanted to let you know. I hope Pyro Stick bids on this one and wins, as I’s really like to see it painted up by him.

Pyro Stick:

This is vintagephreaks auction and i was going to bid until hashuts lil helper said he was going to be bidding very high as its the last model he needs to complete his collection of every chaos dwarfs ever made.

Its not the first time its been on. Its just on less than any other chaos dwarf model.

Just checked the price its at and i can tell its going to go for a lot more than i can afford. Im trying to get hold of the siege cannon and the juggernaut at the moment. Hopefully by the time ive got them this might be more readily available.

lol id like to see me win and paint it as well.


It’s also the last one for me I guess. So I’ll keep an eye on this one.

Best thing is - that if this goes sky high - others will follow. So we all might have a chance!


https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/9606 I posted this up in the market forums…

Thommy H:

This model looks a lot nicer in these photos than it does in the ones I’ve seen before. I actually kind of like it now, even if it doesn’t fit in with what Chaos Dwarfs are ever likely to look like in the future.

Anyone know the story behind it? It looks like it’s a Chaos Dwarf that emphasises the Greenskin aspect of the race. Like the brief was “make an evil Dwarf that allies with Orcs”, and they just shoved him in Black Orc armour.


I think I told it before but it was ‘just’ a testpiece done by Martin Footitt when he first started training to become a GW designer.

He showed me his own painted one which was just brilliant! A shame a pic of that one never surfaced on the internet.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

That is such a cool modal although I wouldn’t have it as a hero but a unit of those (in different position) would be fantastic


Hi all, I see my listed CD has received some attention. I am as you know getting out of chaos dwarfs altogether; quite sad about the decision but I just need to spend what little spare time I have on my “regular” dwarf collection/army which is approaching 350 figures.

I will list the rest of the CD stuff tomorrow, i.e. 52 well painted warriors, 12 xbowmen plus the siege cannon (with optional scenic base to boot). I also have a full set of the 24 Marauder chaos dwarfs (unpainted) which will be listed as soon as I can manage and that will be it. I will probably remain on the forums as a lurker though…



Kera foehunter:

nice model ! to bad they never released it

Auretious Taak:

That’s a much better shot of the model. All teh others I’ve seen have made it look horrid. I stillw ouldn’t buy it unless I had the full unit of Marauder Dwarfs to go with him, but meh.

Good luck on the sales Vintagephreak.

Auretious Taak.

centauro enano:

Fraud is not a chaos dwarf original, the arms are a black orc.

Pyro Stick:

Fraud is not a chaos dwarf original, the arms are a black orc.

centauro enano

It is defniately an original model. Its just unreleased. And the arms are actually like the MM90 chaos dwarfs.

centauro enano:

I’m sorry I’m not completely sure

I have seen this figure before, and it was a conversion.


While it looks similar to a black orc, armored hands and axe, it is definately a valid and numbered model. Check the tab if you weren’t sure, that pretty much puts to rest any questions.

You can also tell it was from a short run, as the tab is very very easy to read (as the casts get greater in number, the tab becomes harder and harder to read.)


It’s not a conversion, it’s not a fake. The figure was made by Martin Footit as a test piece and was subsequently never released. There are several of them hiding out in the collector’s community… :slight_smile:



Pretty nice if you’re willing to sell a lung or a kidney to pay for it.


Yeah, that’s the only problem, I just can’t afford any body parts to get one… I think the model would make a great and awesome commander… Especially if you are not into the big hat scene.


While it looks similar to a black orc, armored hands and axe, it is definately a valid and numbered model. Check the tab if you weren't sure, that pretty much puts to rest any questions.

Not really a good indicator, anyone could make a tab that looks like that.

I'm sure that it looks like a Black Orc intentionally, since CDs created them BOs are likely to have a load of CD armour and weapons.


this model was made, from what I understand, before the new metal blackorks had those plate gloves… I could be wrong though.

Kera foehunter:

what about a liver?? slightly used