[Archive] Extremely Rare Unreleased CD model on Ebay!


Black Orcs are plastic, not metal. I once heard a rumor that the new Black Orcs were made to be released with new Chaos Dwarfs, and that the Blorc armour was supposed to be made by the Chaos Dwarfs, thus it’s Chaos-like style (Afterall, Blorcs make PERFECT Chaos Warriors in a Chaos Orcs army!). Does anyone know if there is any validity to this rumor?

BTW, The new plastic Blorcs are my FAVORITE all-time GW models. I don’t know what it is about them, but they scream at me to make a whole army of Chaos Warrior Orcs with them! I just bought my first box of them yesterday! (but these ones are slaves for Hashut, of course)


Very nice!!!

But honestly, convention is half the fun for me.