[Archive] Faerie/Pixie/Girlie conversion army? (Now with Pics!)


Alright, Xander told me to post about my ideal army and hopefully I can get some feedback from people about how to best go about achieving this lofty goal of mine.

I want to make a faerie/pixie/nymph type army. Yes, all girls. all pretty. ALL CLOTHED (at least mostly… I want a PG-13 kinda model people!)

I’m looking for some models that I can get cheap enough to make an entire army (i.e. no single $10 models please, I may have a FT job, but it doesn’t pay that well) Xander is thinking Amazons or those Slaanesh characters.

I’m thinking I like models like this:

or like this (I REALLY like this one)

but it probably violates my “must be less than $10/model” rule.

I’m hoping Xander will help me convert using gs, so I guess initially they don’t need to be clothed; and this way I can make their outfits how I like.

I’m also hoping to get wings on some. Suggestions here as well? I remember this miniature and associated article about how to make butterflies CoolMiniOrNot Forums - Page Not Found (and his beautiful model)

but I worry about the practicality of making wings for figures. I find that actual model wings (plastic or metal) look too thick and bulky and I don’t like that.

I first thought of these types of wings when I was trying to determine a light way of including wings

keeping in mind the main idea is wire with nylon wrapped around it. It would allow for colour and potential paint-ability, without it looking thick and heavy.

OK, so that’s a lot to digest. but again, any suggestions or help would be appreciated. And telling me to make them look like CD’s isn’t what I had in mind. :wink:



I’ve seen wings made from lacquer coated tissue paper that looked almost like glass. No idea how it is all done, but they looked great


I want to make a faerie/pixie/nymph type army. Yes, all girls. all pretty. ALL CLOTHED (at least mostly... I want a PG-13 kinda model people!)

Awww man where is the fun in that? JK ;)

Definitely doable as Wood Elves

While perhaps not the same style take a look into White Dwarf # 259 (US numbering that is; page 76 and page 83). Mark Robson's army was a converted Wood Elf army with a Faerie theme. Probably a good place to start.


do we have US the White Dwarf in Canada? o.O better question still is does Xander?

I also think the laquered wings was something Dave mentioned, err, Xander. I think I’ll need to see a picture of it to fully understand/replicate it.


I don’t have a lot to add, I’m afraid but here we go.

One of my colleagues once sculpted his own Tyrannid Hive Tyrant and gave it insect wings. He eventually cast them out of clear resin. You could probably make them very thin, but then the thinner you go, the less durable they are. If the army is strictly for display purposes this might not be a problem, but if you are going to lug it around, then thickness might be worthwhile.

The nylon/wire method would probably be the best durability, but I have my doubts it would look good. But hey, I’m often proven wrong. Give it a go!

Base models… Wood elves probably the only way to go. At least as far as plastic is concerned. Hasslefree miniatures might offer some cool models to convert.


Sounds like cellulose doping that is done on RC airplanes. You paint “dope”, which is cellulose onto tissue paper and as it dries it shrinks onto the wood frames becoming hard and brittle. I have no idea what sort of surface it would be to paint on. When my Dad did this to his RC models, it always smelled like a candy factory and everyone was smiling a lot. Be sure to ventilate the work area! :slight_smile:

We used to get the US White Dwarf up until somewhere around Issue 300. Then we began to get our own version.


I agree with the Amazon/ Demonette army. You could also try dark elves, they have the witch units. wood elves have female models also (and they’re elves, close to girls already easy to convert ;))Mordhiem Sigmar Sisters, if nuns do it for ya. My suggestion is wood elf army with amazons as spear/ bow girls, witches as wardancers, the sisters on the dragon, a tree woman, and a dryca.

Or chaos, with amazon mauraders, daemonettes (old and/or new), A fairy leader (daemon) and some lovely puppies (warhounds) and Girls riding pink ponies (amazon mauraders on steeds).


I just checked, I have issue 259.

Some cool ideas here so far.


I like the puppies idea, I think Leadblecher understands me.

although it will also take me approximately 2 hours to associate pictures with all those model names before I fully understand what the heck you’re talking about. :wink:

I know Xander had mentioned wood elves, my concern is all their cloaks etc. They are very heavily dressed.

@GRNDL: I don’t actually ‘play’ Warhammer. These are mostly for something to do and then to collect oodles of dust on a shelf somewhere :wink:

@ Xander: I’ll check out the WD next time I’m over; are they the pretty swirly vine models that we saw in the big book at the bunker? I liked them too. :slight_smile:


No, those were converted from the “slutty” daemons as you call them.

The cloaks are optional, but they do wear a lot of clothes. People tend to do that, it seems. :stuck_out_tongue:


Although they can be pricey foundry elves are pretty sh*t hot,good for ideas if nothing else browse here http://www.wargamesfoundry.com/collections/ELF/2/index.asp and here http://www.wargamesfoundry.com/collections/ELF/3/index.asp :hat


I just checked, I have issue 259.

Pack Ratt-e-ness FTW!


you could try sculpting single flat wings, and doing a 1 piece clear resin cast, textured on the outside. then glue them to the finished model.

if i was doing faeries id try and get something smaller than a 28mm elf, possibly trying to find something in 15mm.

i think their might be a few things in the hasslefree demon (i think its demon) section, half naked women with wings anyway.


The foundry models are cool, but most would require some sculpted clothes. :stuck_out_tongue:

zomg, explicit content:






Cool, you can buy some of these at TheWarStore:
Noble Knight Games - RPGs, D&D, MtG, Board Games, Miniatures
(scrolling, or searching Nymph on this page is recommended)



Also, is this a sweet Griffon, or what?

Take a browse here:
http://www.shadowforge.com.au/ ->Click on Products
That site uses (shudder) frames…
This website seem to be all females. Check out the “Tribal” models for faerie-esk minis.


they’re so manly looking though! :frowning: not quite as pretty as what I had in mind, but at least the clothing would be up to me! thanks Canix :slight_smile:

@torn; I like the idea of the smaller models… but I don’t know if I have the patience level required =S


i find smaller models are easier to paint to a tabletop standard. all the base colours, a few highlights, and your done. there usually isnt too much detail on them at all. im not really sure if anyone does nymph like females in that scale though.


GW Stuff:


@ xander

i have most of those

exept i converted my noble into a standard bearer for my dad’s hordes of chaos army


as for the wings, a guy here in wisconsin used shrinkydink to make em.


@Malificant: shrinky dink is a GREAT idea… I used to use that stuff a bunch as a kid but never thought of it! thanks :slight_smile:


check this out