[Archive] Fake or recasts


What does everyone think of these axemen Bigahts

They sold for �50 on ebay

Knight Of Awsome:

wow expensive.

they look like recasts

Father Grumpmas:

The axeman are definitely recasts of a modified figure

These are the originals:

They have had hats from the more common chaos dwarfs added and then been cast - nice idea but the casting looks a bit basic.

They would be a fun addition to an army but I wouldn’t pay vast amounts of money for them.

Hard to tell if the blunderbusses are original or not.


We’ve seen these come up once before, a lot of 10 of each. Since the axemen are recasts, the blunderbusses could be too, although they don’t look like conversions.

Kera foehunter:

wow you guys have good eyes.i thought it was a bad picture.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well whoever sells those fakes is walking on thin ice…


the bbs are original, but one oop…the one with the thin hat could still be ordered a month ago…


recast. They double price because of a hat.


Well whoever sells those fakes is walking on thin ice...

Ishkur Cinderhat
Yes. I think GW actually have people who specifically watch out for this type of thing (or possibly just butt kissers who run squeeling to GW to curry favour).

Either way, you're right, that ice must be getting wafer thin by now.

Hobgoblin King:

I was shocked to see those up! Just more proof ebay is out of my price range now. Kinda cool to see them though, I think I only saw the originals once on ebay . Scary prospect “forging” counter fits.

(no pun intended (a dwarf thing)).

Hobgoblin king