[Archive] Fakes?


I’ve been watching a few auctions lately for some…OOP stuff. I’ll just leave it at that. I’m purposely being a bit vague because I really hate to even imply someone might be selling copies. But, that said, I have noticed that this particular person seems to have an awful lot of figs that are OOP. I would say that they usually have an auction at least once a week of three to four sets of OOP figures, anywhere from 12-20 figures in each auction. I’ve noticed this for about two months now. Not only that, but they never seem to have bases. I’m thinking they aren’t the real deal, but I wanted to see if that stands out as particularly strange to anyone else.

Is there a good way to tell recast models? I would hate to pay a premium price for something that someone made in their basement.

Viskar Zhragoth:

I have noticed something very similar on a green background. Has anyone here ever bought anything from one of these sellers (another one has a wood background in their pics.). They may be legit, but with the quantity they seem to perpetually have, and the grouping that they put in, I have to assume that they are fakes. They are remaking some oop stuff, then selling it at the premium prices (50, 75 and way up!). If they are fakes then they are making a huge profit, that we should all fight against.

If anyone has bought fakes always remember to report them to Ebay, and to GW legal (check their website to find out how.) They have replaced fakes for people who helped them catch thieves in the past.

Just remember that fakes are screwing you with a premium price for a shoddy product. And by driving up the prices (because I’m sure one of their “friends” helps raise the bids till they get the profit they want), they are driving up the prices of even legit products.

I also don’t want to cast aspersions on anyone, but it just seems unrealistic to see someone sell 100s of the same groups of figs that are out of print, always out of blisters and with no bases. Just take it as a warning.

And if you have gotten any of these, tell us about it so we can all avoid them. Check online to see how to catch a fake (easiest methods are inferior metals, double mold lines, REALLY worn detail, etc.


Yep! That’s the one Viskar! I’ve contemplated trying to pick up a set just to see if they really are real or not, but you’re right, the prices go astronomically high, and I’m not spending that kind of coin on fake models!

Exactly right. There have been hundreds of them, and I’m not sure that even I could pull off that many figures, and I have a pretty massive army if I decided to sell it off…which I never will. :smiley:


You see a lot of it with the big hat models thankfully I don’t collect those, but when you’re paying premium price for something that was made a week ago instead of an original from 10-20 years ago then it sucks. Some of these guys are just churning them out, no one is that lucky at getting their hands on so many of the same models. Maybe I’m just being cynical, (doubt it though).


You see a lot of it with the big hat models thankfully I don't collect those, but when you're paying premium price for something that was made a week ago instead of an original from 10-20 years ago then it sucks. Some of these guys are just churning them out, no one is that lucky at getting their hands on so many of the same models. Maybe I'm just being cynical, (doubt it though).

Exactly! And that's mostly what I collect, though Kera has now made it possible for me to start doing some of my conversion work and start making some mask-type CDs! (Thanks Kera!) But back on topic, it's sad to see this, but it's almost understandable that some unscrupulous people will start doing things like this with as expensive as the figures have gotten. Even the current lines of their new models are getting overpriced as far as I'm concerned.


Hmm, I think I know who you are talking about. I actually won an auction from him…

If you want any specifics about the stuff PM me as I don’t want ruin a man’s reputation un-necessary!

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

my friend bought some deamons 2 month before relese at an auction he said they were the real thing but i have my doughts

Pyro Stick:

The best thing to do would be to actually send us a link to one of these ebay auctions so that everyone can decide for themselves. Pics will help to show if a model is fake or not. Theres no point being so vague about it as its obvious that there is something strange about the seller.


Steven sent me a link


Perhaps we should keep an eye on this one as a community and see what happens.  Hard to tell whether its legit or not?

So many copies of the same model makes me suspicious.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Yep, that is the one. Has sold about 15 auctions of 20 ish models a piece for the last 6 weeks or so. I used to work at a pretty good store, when those were available (independent stockist), and we didn’t sell that many, and definitely not at that price.

Kera foehunter:

Yes i seen this before about ever month this is comming up !! he sell cd - hobos- forest goblin and dwarfs

the city boliva mo. what made me watch these figure the city has an odd name !!


Individually, there isn’t much for suspicion.  Altogether, there are a suspicious number of shiny OOP models without bases.  Looks like he/she has broken the golden rule of fraud, which is: getting greedy.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Ok, this one makes me even more suspicious. in this pic you can see the extra flash on the gun part of the earthshaker. Those are either ruined mold from GW (which would not get shipped out) or they are repros fakes.


Viskar Zhragoth

Pyro Stick:

It could just be that he has a large amount of old stock. He seems to be selling in unit sizes which isnt uncommon on ebay. Has someone actually asked him why he has such a large stock? Some of us just might be getting a little carried away with the whole “They must be fake cause he has lots” thing.


Allright, thought I’d shed some light on this. I am in contact with him about some of his models. He told me in the beginning that he had a very large Dwarf army (20.000 odd points) and wanted a large CD force too. However lack of time made him decide to sell them off.

It is a bit strange that he misses the plastic components allright but my brother (who has worked in the factory) has checked them out and he says they are of a very good quality. Maybe he has had access to the original moulds. I know atleast one guy who had very good contacts with someone in the factory who ‘loaned’ out some moulds to him…


Creating molds for metal models is extremely hard and expensive. I seriously think they are real models. The detail level seems way too good to be done by a normal guy.


- Kyte


Someone is buying them, and it is hard to tell the quality from those photos. if anyone has bought them then it would clear things up easily if they examined them for evidence of amateur recasting.

Looking at the seller’s buying history makes it even more suspicious since he has very recently bought small quantities of the models he is later selling in large numbers (and a large number of plastic horses for some reason).

It is certainly possible that she/he had a massive quantity of original metal bits, and without the blister packs, boxes or plastic bits, he would have to have been in close contact with the forges or someone there. But I’m not one to give an anonymous ebayer the benefit of the doubt when it comes to fakes.


Yeah I really didn’t want to smear his reputation whatsoever.  I really hope he is legitimate.  It’d be nice to see that many figs still floating around.  I just wanted to get opinions on thoughts about everything being legitimate.  If he had 20k worth of figures, that would certainly explain it.  It was just rather suspect that he had sold about 500 CD metal models, an awful lot of Astragoths, and none of them had bases or anything.  But then again, I guess I have 4 Astragoths myself, and I don’t have anywhere near 20k points. Either way, I’m no expert in the least bit so I wanted to see what everyone thought.

Viskar Zhragoth:

2 things…first Steven, you have 4 astrogoths, and I have 3. But do you have the bases? 1 of mine is still in the blister. Nothing he has listed, including 100s of dogs of war figs has any plastic or blisters. Sorry, but he has everything that can get a premium price, buys them in small quantity and then later sells off his “army”. Sorry, I’m suspicious. Also, if he had the “original molds” then he better get rid of them, or not get caught with them. He’s sold enough for it to move up the felony ladder…

Second, did you look at the bidding history? Every auction seems to get bid on by someone with a 0 feedback score. This is an old way of presetting a abnormally high resrve price. you put it up for sale, use a newly created username to bid it up, either trying to get people to raise their bids, or just putting the initial bid on, so people have to bid above it to become the high bidder. Hey if you win, you just send the money to yourself. But I was looking at 5 of his auctions, and the same 0 feedback name shows up on all 5 with the series of bids as people tried to race to win the auction.

If he is legit, then something should have plastic, blisters, boxes or something! Until then, I guess it is buyer beware.


I asked him for some close up photos, but he said he couldn’t take them before the auction ended. I did leave it a little close to the auction ending, something to try again in the future.