[Archive] Fantasy 'Ard boys Tourney


I’m sure you have all heard by now of the next 'Ard Boys Tourney. Any one thought of your 3500 pts. Remember no comp and no paint. Im going to run 2 Lords on tauruss, 3 earthshakers, anf as many 24 man BB units and BTs I can squeeze in. What about you guys?


best rout there would be 3 earthshakers, 10 bolt throwers, 2 level 4’s, 4 level 2’s, and as many 15 man blunderbusses as you can get.


Forgive me I’ve been out of the loop. What exactly is the 'Ard Boys Tournament?




I believe i may have already gave you this link AGPO…


I believe you did Metro, sadly my browser hates all GW PDFs with such a passion that it shuts off whenever I try to open them