[Archive] FAO: Dawi Zharr Slavers


Firstly: congratulations on your community. Your celebration of this niche of the hobby is an example and an inspiration to any hobbyist. :cheers

I’m looking to start Dawi Zharr as my next army for WHFB. This army has been a long time coming - as with many of us - I started in the hobby playing pew pew as a kid and now approaching 30 I have a crazy desire for one of the armies I couldn’t afford back then. There’s nothing like the character of those early 90s sculpts and metal is a great medium.

To start this project I need some slaves, err, loyal foot soldiers, and I hope that’s where you come in.

I’m looking to purchase any and all metal (or plastic warrior) big hat Dawi Zharr models. Foot Characters / mounted characters / command squads / plastic warriors / metal warriors / blunderbuss / hobgoblins of all types, esp. sneaky gits / bull centaurs / artillery pieces. Everything, really.

It’d be great if you could help me get started, I haven’t had much luck tracking down the models that I want in the quantities and condition that I want. I promise to reward you with a Painting and Modelling log and regular battle reports.

Thanks in advance to anyone who gets in contact, please don’t be shy.

Cheers, Joe. :hat off:hat off:hat off


Check out the marketplace section regularly, you will get better deals there than on ebay

Fuggit Khan:

Welcome to CDO :hat off

Always nice to see another Dawi Zharr who appreciates metal miniatures. As Torn already mentioned, the Market place here on CDO is a good avenue to look for the older vintage models…but Ebay is a nice place to look as well. Most sellers on Ebay want insane prices, avoid those…patience has its rewards. Take some time and check out Ebay when you have the spare moments during the week, some great deals do pop up fairly regular.

Another option if you are looking to work with metal minis, and love the Big Hat styles, is to check out the Russian Alternative Dwarves of Fire Canyon. They’re well sculpted metal minis with a bit of a vintage look to them.

But I will preach more of my biased Big Hat propaganda, and recommend you go with the classic GW Big Hats :wink:

Anyways, good luck with your new army, and again, welcome to CDO :cheers


Welcome to CDO. Check out the trade forum. There are some big hats in there, that’s not sold yet.

Thanks for complementing the community. I don’t visit other sites, only has this army. But I thought they were all more or less the same.


Bloodbeard, Fuggit, torn. Thank you :slight_smile: I am keeping my eyes peeled on ebay and this forum. I can’t seem to stop clicking on "newly listed items."

In the meantime if any of you find anything in your bits box - especially full units of Big Hats and Hobgoblins, war machines, big hat characters - then I am in the market for buying and will pay a good price.

Cheers, Joe.


I have a death rocket minus crew up for grabs. Never gonna use it myself. Check my blog for a picture and send a PM if interested.