[Archive] FAQ with Gav Thorpe (CDs mentioned!)


Thought I should post this, I found it on the warhammer forum.

Here’s the important bit for us big hats:

1) Are there currently plans to produce a new Chaos Dwarf army book and if so will they be an autonomous army as before or fall under the Chaos umbrella (like Beasts, Mortals & Deamons)?


��Plans�� is too strong a word, but there��s definitely a desire (and a sense of duty) that we will get back to them one day. They would be a complete army in their own regard.
I’ve never really liked Gav Thorpe, my opinion has yet to change.

The Flying Beaver:

This has been posted in the Off-Topic section with a more in-depth coverage of the FAQ. Although you did post first, the second thread (found here) is more useful. Thread locked.