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For those who may not know, back in 1st Ed Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the Gospodar people migrate from the farside colonies in the dark lands to populate Kislev.

They had cities in the Dark Lands on the Zorn Uzkul, they areas the occupied being called the Wheatlands.  I’ve been trying to find an actual list of these cities but it’s been hard as I can’t tell what people have made up (maybe all of them).


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Also not sure in the fluff, but it seems they held onto colonies in the dark lands for some time.

So, some things to discuss perhaps?


Do they still exist or have they been totally wiped ?

I have seen no mention of Chaos Dwarfs trading with northmen living in our lands ! But it is a very interesting piece of information ! Thank you


Just checked Lexicanuum and can’t find any of this (of course Lexicanuum is an unofficial and not 100% reliable source, so this doesn’t definitively rule them out); the only thing that is said is that the Gospodars came over High Pass after being forced to migrate by “…the growing strength of Chaos.”


Just to clarify, these were non chaotic tribes men.  They were not northmen (norse/kurgan/hung).

I’m thinking that given the hardship they would face in good times, if their numbers dwindled down too much the whole colony would have to be abandoned.

WHFRP isn’t canon in any way, but I do think this is a much more interesting way to add ruins to an otherwise desolate area of land.


Just gone on Scribd. and found a copy of the ‘Something Rotten in Kislev’ supplement - just starting to skim through and found the Wheatlands bit; will have a read and post what it says.


From the map provided, Kislev has territories on both sides of the Worlds Edge Mountains (this stretch called the Goromadny) and is split into four regions on the west side and three on the east. The northernmost on each side is tundra; the regions below these are called the Taiga (described as forrests inhabited only by trappers, adventurers and creatures of chaos; all attempts at colonisation have failed); on the west the region below this is called Translynsk and the region below that the Dobryion (these two are roughly ‘modern’ Kislev, ie pre End Times); in the east, the region below the Taiga is the Wheatlands.

The Wheatlands have the Steppes to the east and the Hobgoblin Hegemony to the south-east. It is a fertile land and there are periodic attempts at colonisation which have limited success due to constant raids from the hobgoblins and the Dolgans and because of no support from the state. There is some cooperation between the colonists and some Dolgons but it’s limited due to the Dolgons being suspicious of others because of the expansion of hobgoblins from the east and Kislev from the west. In the past there were trade roads to Cathay through this region.

Chernozavtra is the setting for the ‘Death Takes a Holiday’ adventure. It is one of the colonisation attempts of the Wheatlands overlooking the Zapadryeka river. Most of the population were claimed by plague but raised by the Necromancer Annandil.

Bolgasgrad is the setting of the ‘Champions of Death: A Choice of Evils in Bolgasgrad’ adventure. It is a Wheatlands colony that has ceded from Kislev.

That’s all I could see from a skim read (didn’t see any other settlements, but I didn’t read in depth every page) - the book goes into more detail on both settlements, but is far too much for me to summarise right now (most of it is fleshing out the settlements and the NPCs for the adventure such as a Hogoblin Khan gearing up to fight some Dolgans over Chernozavtra). Probably worth people checking the book out on Scribd. rather than me trying to read through and condense everything to post here.