[Archive] Fast 2K list


“the desert raiders”

after playing a few static lists mith magic and stonetrowers with lots of small redirecting units (and stonetrowers doing absolutely nothing since my guessing is extremely like crap through lack of sleep lately)

i had the feeling my opponents (some) kinda disliked it - this was especially the case once i got rid of the lamassu to replace him with more redirectors :slight_smile:

manouvring and reforming to send the opponents the other way while shooting and magicing is kind of tiresome so i figured i want to drop my magic levels in favor of some speedy stuff, so here’s the list:

(btw stone throwers ar still in caus’ i like em big time - won’t change those)

bull centaur lord
with armour of furnace, shield and add hw

bull centaur hero with armour of gazrak and great weapon

(these go with hobgoblins)

chaos dwarf hero with black gem of gnar, ha, shield


sorcerer lvl2 2 dispel scrolss (when opponents magic is gone i can thrive with 2 spells…)

15 blunderbusses

15 blunderbusses

10 warriors with great weapon

20 hobgoblins with light armour, shield, standard

20 hobgoblins with light armour, shield, standard

10 hobgoblins with bow

10 hobgoblin wolf riders

10 hobgoblin wolf riders

5 bull centaurs with great weapon

2 bolt throwers

2 death rockets

1 earthshaker


I might suggest the following changes. These would be things that would change for my own taste.

If you take the Bull Centaur Lord-give him the hammer of of Hashut (he is str 7 then) with those 5 attacks.(+45 points)

The bull centaur hero: I would make him a battle standard bearer and give him a sword of might so he would at least be str 5. I like the battle standard bearer because you have a lot of infantry and a reroll on the failed break test could be well worth it. (+25 BSB & +20 sword of might -4 grt weapon, so net +41 points)

Chaos dwarf hero, give him an enchanted shield (+10 points) so he has a better save 3+ & 2+ combat.

Down side, I have added 96 points to your army.

Places to save points. Ditch the death rockets. You have said it your self you can not guess well. Saves 160 points (a lot of points for little results) and you have 64 points left. If you want to be as static as you were before go with two more bolthrowers 60 points gives you 4 points left.

I think you could go much less static. One problem you are going to have is animosity will tie up your characters when you need them. I would suggest dropping the earthshaker. I know it hurts, but try it with out it. Many players are addicted to the thing. Try anouther squad of bull centaurs instead. The 10 hobos with bows, junk them. If you still want a unit with bow use orc arrer boys, 10 points more, gets you +1 ld, +1 toughness, light armor, and a choppa. The only down side is 25 mm base instead of 20 mm base and a special slot. Don’t wast those special slots on the rockets an you do not have to worry. What I really like in my army is one core block of 25 chaos dwarf warriors with shields and full command, throw on the war banner for some extra sugar. That unit is the center of my army. Surrounded by a sea of blunderbusses and slaves. Slaves on the inside and blunderbusses toward the outside. Then we start marching at the enemy. That chaos dwarf warrior unit is a dang good place to place the general. First off he has a massive comabt resolution +3 ranks, +1 weight, +1 standard, +1 war banner (+6) before anyone has swung. The sea of slaves protect the flanks. In bigger games I try to take either another unit of similarly equipped dwarves or a big unit of orcs to hold the bull centaur battle standard bearer that is right near the generals unit. Basically I castle-up and march at the enemy. The only time I have run into trouble in when the opponent does the same and has troops that are better at it (Dwarves & Chaos) but your slaves should outnumber them so you need to envelope the flanks with those slaves and try to flank them. My only support is two to four bolt throwers, usually two. I can’t tell you the number of time my chaos dwarf warriors end up in my opponents deployment zone. I have never lost when that happens.