[Archive] Fast Cavalry/Heavy Cavalry


Recently I had a game at GD UK with 2 other CDfers and one Goblin player, it was really fun (and I gained forced some slaves from fellow CD Generals, my masks won the battle of the fashion really :slight_smile: ). A situation occured during the battle that made me wonder.

If a character joins a unit of Fast Cavalry the Fast Cavalry rules do not apply (aka no reform blabla). But does that mean that having a character in the unit allows fast cavalry to gain the advantages of having a rank bonus as it isnt fast cavalry? (thinking CD Bull Centaur Hero in hobbo wolfriders)

Cheers in Advance :cheers

On a second note how would a big unit of armoured hobbos with a CD hero in the front rank fair in combat?


There is no difference between a unit of fast cavalry and a unit of fast cavalry with a character.

The character won’t get all the super fast cavalry shooting rules, but reforms, ranks, etc are all the same.

Your second note: Medium infantry unit, don’t expect it to beat any Special infantry at all (although it might its own for a couple of turns)

Uzkul Werit:

About the second question. You might aswell enlist some Chaos Dwarf Warriors to do the job. You’ll have less of them but they are tougher and have a slightly better WS.