[Archive] Fauna and flora of The Dark Lands


The Dark Lands she seems a territory desolate and dusty, but the life tolerate between volcanics landscape.

Fauna :

- Little Lizards

- Snakes

- Scorpions

- Beatles

- Spiders

- Bats ( in caves subterranean )

- Mountain Goats

- Giants Centipede

- Great Snails ( in caves subterranean )

- Fish subterranean ( in caves subterranean )

- Rats

- Cockroachs

- Horsefly

- Moths

- Goose Barnacle mutants ( in rivers corrupts for the industry of the Chaos Dwarfs )

- Crabs mutants ( in rivers corrupts for the CD’s )

- Bacteriums and Microbes mutants

Flora :

- Bushes

- lichen

- Carnivorous Plants

- Blackberry Bush

- Waterweeds mutants (in rivers corrupts for the CD’s )


Kera foehunter:

crab grass !!!

venus flytrap ( big enough to eat hobgoblins))



Sasquatch !!!


toxic bacteria and micro-organisms.


Maybe I should take pictures of some of the dorms for inspiration.

Kera foehunter:

lol i beat we find some wild cannabis!!there!!


No, that would be pics of my bathroom.

The toilet has started speaking again… excuse me grabs chainsaw and plunger

Kera foehunter:

fade to swiss bathroomKera see swiss 1/2 flushed down the toilet

Kera grabs his leg just in time to save him!!

wow it dose look like lustria in here!!



Back on topic… I think I could see a lot of hybrids.

Giant Cockroaches with horsefly wins and part fish. Other crazy stuff too. They’d be rare, but they’d exist.


how about mushrooms?

lets hope they have carnivorus mushrooms!

o wait, there’s greenskins in the dark lands.

Kera foehunter:

land sharks

poison lava flowers that shoots thorns


granade apples. dont go to close!


land sharks

Kera foehunter
Good idea, or Great Insects trap : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWkfAyfBDHE&feature=related


There’s the enigmatic dust mote and the cheery bone pile.

Thommy H:

Wolves? They at least have the virtue of actually being in the army list…


What does this have to do with being in an army list?

Thommy H:

Well, if it’s part of an army list for an army that comes from that area, we might imagine those creatures are native to that area.

Like how horses live in Bretonnia and Dragons live in Ulthuan. Make sense?


The interesting thing is that although it is called the Dark Lands, the areas of highest CD made pollution would be immediately around the major cities.  The natural pollution from volcanic gasses would probably be much more widespread than anything the CD could do.

So I would limit the plant and animal life immediately around the major cities/ volcanic areas to survival of the fittest.

Beyond these areas there might be big forests that are maintained for logging clans, subsidiaries of the river ruin, small lakes etc.  All of these could have relatively normal ecosystems imo.   The marsh/ swamp areas are normally high in animal life.  I don’t picture the whole darklands as a desert, even areas that have acid rain recover a little every now and then.  If you translated the warhammer world into the real world, the dark lands would be what, about the size of USA? Even some major cities like London would not really dent the environment as a whole overall, so it’s all down to the natural pollution.


What do they fuel the furnaces with?

Thommy H:


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Well, if it's part of an army list for an army that comes from that area, we might imagine those creatures are native to that area.

Like how horses live in Bretonnia and Dragons live in Ulthuan. Make sense?

Thommy H
It makes perfect sense, but nowhere in the original post is there a request for, or a requirement for, suggestions to be part of an army list. Wolves are no more virtuous as a suggestion simply because they could be used in an army list...