[Archive] Favorite Bloodbowl Team


I’ve tinkered with Orcs in the past but I’m really think of assembling a Halfling Team! What does everyone else play?


hrmmm, this is definitely not sports related as I initially thought… :stuck_out_tongue:


i have a nurgle team but never played


i have a dwarf team, absolute tanks when you give them guard as thier first skill :slight_smile:


Old version Chaos All Stars (chaos humans/mutants, ogre, troll, minotaur, dark elf and skaven throwers and a couple of goblins for launching into the end-zone). It’s a colourful team.


I have played them all. Because I kept winning with Skaven my mates dared me and so I started trying all teams out. I ended with Halflings and when played right they can win just as any other team!


Yah! Halflings aren’t as bad as many think. Negating multiple tackle zones is pretty cool plus the stunty rule seems to help. Then of course there is the Treemen that can be hired!

All in all it might be a fun side project to assemble.


hmmmmm, never player it myself

thought of starting lizardmen andc chaos dwarves teams


I always wanted to try it. I would play Chaos Dwarfs. :wink:


I thought of that too (the store nearby has 3 team sets for $45 US) but apparently the hobgoblins suck in BB.

Yah just snatched a BB Treeman for my team for $12 US, normally they are $22! Now eyeing some of the little guys on vultureBay…


I have a Chaos Dwarf team and an Orc team. I also made a Chaos team but I never used it. My Goblin team has been enlisted back into a greenskin army, and I partially constructed an undead team but never quite finished it.

Orcs were my favourite, especially using a Goblin to foul other players.


Here are some team names I’m kicking around:

The Galloping Grasshuggers

The Mootland Raiders

The Fighting Half Pints of the Mootland

The Lunchland Raiders

The Lucky Elevensies

The Fighting Anklebiters

The Gregarious Grasshoppers

The Lunchtime Bandits

Kera foehunter:

Dwarfs they have the best looking team there is. Even the halfling look up to them!!!


The Nar-Zhaggrund Bulls, my Chaos Dwarf team, they’ve good speed, toughness and pure flexibility plus big hats!


The Mootland Raiders sounds best to me. I’ve never played, where can I get the rules?





Btw, ever tried Dungeon Bowl? Very cool also!


I’m thinking about painting them in these colors:


Sits back and watches while the Limeys knock each out with which Football club is better (note that’s soccer for all us Yanks) :slight_smile:

zorn sabretooth:

chaos dwarves duh (don’t call us limeys)


Heh, no worse then being called Yanks, or heaven forfend Americans, as that seems to be the worst admonishment that can be thrown around in the world today…

In other words American doesn’t have a great context these days.