[Archive] Favorite Chaos Dwarf unit?


Regardless of effectiveness, points cost etc, what is your favorite CD army unit?

I’ll start: hobgoblin wolfriders; don’t know why but the first unit to draw me to the army.


For me its the regular chaos dwarf warrior. The standard warrior with his tusks, big hat and curly bearded together with a nasty attitude is just awsome. I really like that. if I have to pick a unit it most be a unit of blunderbusses. Its so chaos dwarf :slight_smile:


bull centaurs. rules wise i love them, they are a uniquely powerful yet fragile unit, and while i did not model them as bull or dwarf, i just cant help but love my boar/blorc centaurs. they are the unit which drew me to chaos dwarves.

if we are talking effectivness it is a 15 strong unit of blunderbusses.

Pyro Stick:

For me it would have to be the blunderbuss. They were the first chaos dwarfs i got. After that come bull centaurs.


ummmmmmmmm, don’t make me choose

probably the warriors, or the hobgobs, or the sneaky gitz, or the death rocket, or the bull centaurs

falls to the floor unconcious because he is having trouble thinking

Kera foehunter:

Bull centaurs the are so cool!!!


Bull centaurs of course. And Astragoth !!!


Death Rockets.


Sorcerers! Chaos/steampunk dwarf wizards are awesome! But I only think so thanks to Morrowind, because the dwarves in that one are so similar to chaos dwarfs. And awesome.


For me it is my CD Warriors because they just look so cool all gathered together on a tabletop.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, as a unit that drew me to CD and their unique rules and 4th edition style, also being my first CD models, Blunderbussers. However, I like the style and thought of bull centaurs more. I’d like to be a bull centaur in a roleplay some day, but one that evolved into a BC due to being a great champion of Hashut or a lucky warrior of Hashut. You know, instead of being a divine protector. I also love the earthshaker, but that’s got a lot to do with it being one of the things associated with CDs, the fact that mine don’t do much and the sheer look of horror on my opponent’s face when they see them (knowing what they CAN do, despite knowing mine do nowt :D). Hobgoblins? Hmmm… I guess I’d have to say archers, simply because they can do a little shooting and be just as resilient in CC as the other hobgoblins. However, my favourite tactic with the greenskins is a Hogbolin hero on wolf, with armour of the furnace, a shield and a great weapon. Around 100 points (depends if I give him the GW or not) and he soaks up LOTS of damage and can dish a meagre amount out too!


For me it was their war machines that drew my eye at first. The Man O War fleet is amazing and one day would like to attempt to upscale one of their smaller ships.

The Death Rocket, although not as effective as the Earthshaker, draws me, the crew sells it for me.

Uzkul Werit:

The Blunderbuss is my weapon of choice. A 12 man unit that can in theory wreck units twice its size is amazing.


Blunberbussiers deffo. It’s a unique weapon in the Warhammer universe (bar Mordheim) and it looks very cool too.


Bull centaurs are my favorite unit but including non unit’s sorcerers are my fav short evil and full of magic.


I’d say the Blunderbuss. there is something about looking down that large flared barrel that is a little scarey. The earthshaker and crew are the best sculpted models IMO.


Cornix: Big hats?


Maybe I’m new school, but I personally think that the new Hellcannon, in rules and look, is the coolest thing in all of Warhammer Fantasy. It’s what originally drew my attention to CDs. Its the only piece artillery that, when its charged, isn’t just completely screwed. It actually has a decent chance of winning. And I think that’s awesome. I’m really looking forward to more demon/machine hybrids in the new (fingers crossed) army book to come.

Kera foehunter:

Yea everyone loves a warmachine that eats troops.

Sometime there owen guys.


Cornix: Big hats?