[Archive] Favorite part about miniatures?

Da Crusha:

HI everyone, I was wondering what is your favorite part about the miniature hobby?

I think my favorite part above all else is collecting miniatures. my second favorite part is converting miniatures. the part I like the least is painting even after cleaning molding lines…


Ha, honestly, mine is either painting, or making scenery!  I love the way a blank canvass becomes a colorful depiction of life with the application of a few splotches of pigment!  plus, it keeps me busy, and out of trouble :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like the collecting, painting and the making of scenery.

I think all aspects in equal shares! :cheers

Sitting in the basement hearing sports on radio and my son playing by my side are also relevant/important aspects! :smiley:

The most disturbing aspect is the small amount of time I have for painting - damn job/house/and … and! :mad


Hashut’s Blessing:

I think either the community or the background (probably both). Games are fun, converting is possibly equal to the background (but I haven’t any money and so converting isn’t fun now: thinking of the fact that you have to spend £30 or so to do a part of the hobby that you love is a bit of a downer when you don’t have 30p, lol), generally hate painting, but accept it’s a part of it and must be done, so try to enjoy it…


It used to be gaming but now its seeing my own sculpts become castings :slight_smile:

That and sculpting.


Used to be gaming (14 years ago)
Then it was collecting (8 years ago)
Now its all about sculpting, you never know I might try a fresh model soon… maybe?

Thommy H:

The chicks.

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The chicks.

Thommy H
I've known a couple of hot wargame girls...

.. no, no REALLY! ;)



I’ve known a couple of hot wargame girls…

… no, no REALLY! :wink:


damn, they are on to me!

(joking aside, yes I really do)


Definitely converting/sculpting. Followed by painting.

I love being inspired to create things.


Used to be collecting and painting for me… Since discovering CDO it’s sculpting and converting and creating a unique army


I pretty much hate it all, except when I’m done with a project. And then its okay.


lol - you are true masochist; GRNDL

Collecting and painting is my thing. Started out as a gamer - but all I have time for now, is dreaming about that.


I think that my favourite part is developing the theme and trying to bring that character out in the army. I try to make any army I collect unique in some way, rather than just putting together the ‘vanilla’ units and putting them on the table top for battles. My Dwarf army is built around the idea of each warrior unit being from a guild, my Eldar were based upon the idea of a rogue farseer from Ulthwe etc. That’s one of the reasons I joined this forum, because I like to see everyone’s take on the Chaos Dwarf army and how each person sees the race. It’s also why I am collecting CDs, because of the freedom available within the army.

Not sure that really answers the question, because the above covers pretty much everything about building an army, but there you go.


Strangely, just buying and assembling models. Something about feeling like I’ve created something without actually creating something makes me feel good?

Blue in VT:

:hat off

Great question and to hear everyones answers!

I’m in the same boat as Clam…Gaming got me into it…but collecting and painting have always been a huge part of it…and now they are the principal things.




converting and collecting, i guess.

i like gaming alot too, though…


I pretty much hate it all, except when I'm done with a project. And then its okay.

I'm with GRNDL on this.

For me it's getting together with my friends, thrashing out some games and having a few drinks. Fantastic.


It used to be gaming for me, but when I moved that drifted away. The last ten years or so it’s been mainly enjoying the backstory to the wargames worlds and imagining all the cool stuff there. Now… well, I’d love to say I enjoy painting, but that’s not quite right. I love painting, but I HATE the fact that i am so poor at choosing colours schemes. My poor chaos dwarves have just been stripped back to plastic and re-primed for the fourth times! but this time I’ll just go with what comes out at the end, rather than repainting if I am not happy.