[Archive] Feet of Stone


Entered into Scribe’s Contest III.

Feet of Stone

When Borezh Ahgul had been younger �?" before Hashut had imbued him with power beyond mortal ken; before his feet and legs had turned to granite �?" he had marched south, towards the Plain of Bones, to the very edges of Dawi Zharr lands. There, half buried by the pitiless black ash of the volcanic desert, he had seen the crumbling ruins of a once colossal statue. �?oI am Ozymandias, Prophet of Prophets,Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!us. Our dark lord has shown me a way out, praised be His name; there is still a chance to join Him, and live on by his side.�?�

Astragoth began to chant, and Borezh Ahgul quickly joined in; then the next sorcerer added his voice to the chorus, and the next, and the next. The bull centaurs guarding the door roared, and their roar was met by Black Orcs charging full tilt towards them; the clash of weapon on armour, the tear of axe into flesh, the sounds of death and violence that had been ever-present in Zharr-Naggrund since the first stone was laid, all threatened to drown out the chant�?�

And then, with a blinding flash of darkness and deafening roar of silence, Astragoth�?Ts ritual was completed, and the last surviving Dawi Zharr met their destiny in the End Times.


I understand why you were sure of winning once the entry had been submitted. It’s a good one, but it was in good company as well. :wink:

Nice stuff!