[Archive] Few Questions for the CD Noobie


Hello all!

I have pretty much just gotten into CD and I have a few questions I’m hoping someone can clear up/point me in the right direction. So here we go:

1) I’ll assume the limits on magic Items are the same as other books? (50 for heroes, 100 for lords)

2) The 4+ Save on the great Taurus, does anyone have a clear definition on what it is? I would think it would just be an armour save, but if anyone has confirmation it would be nice.

3) For the Gauntlets of bazhrakk the cruel, if I roll a 1 for a Chaos Dwarf Lord on a great Taurus, and he isn’t in base-to-base contact with any other friendly models, does he hit his mount?

4) More of a fluff question, would Chaos Dwarves ever join a Hobo unit? I can’t see anything saying they can’t rules wise, but would fluff contradict this in some sort of 'I won’t associate with those low lifes" kind of manner.

5) For the purchasing of Magic items such as Biting Blade, Sword of Might, etc… Which points do we use? I am thinking the DoW one.

6) And the last one, for the Black Orcs unit, does it take that 50pts banner from the O&G list or from the CD list?

Thanks in advance, Netherian.

Thommy H:

  1. Yes.

    2) Armour save is usually how it’s played.

    3) Yes.

    4) There’s no concrete information about anything like that. It’s open to your own interpretation.

    5) Yes. The points cost are given in one of the Grand Tournament FAQs, but I believe they’re the same as the DoW list.

    6) GT FAQ says that they can take a banner, but it has to be from the CD list (so the Banner of Slavery or the War Banner).


Sweet, thanks man, and I read somewhere else that implied that Bull Centaurs cannot use their shields in combat for the extra +1, is that right?

Thommy H:

They can’t use a shield with a great weapon (or two hand weapons), no. But that’s the same for everyone.

If you’re asking whether they can get the +1 “parry bonus” for using a shield and hand weapon (or, indeed, +2 Strength for using a great weapon) then there’s no right answer to that question. The GT FAQ rules that they’re infantry on cavalry bases, and so get all the benefits of being infantry (and, conversely, no cavalry advantages, such as +1 armour save). According to the rules-as-written though, they count as cavalry (like all single wound models on cavalry bases) and so follow the weapons rules for “mounted” models.

Most people house rule it to agree with the GT ruling (which seems most fair), but if you play with rules sticklers you may find your Bull Centaurs quite disadvantaged.

Lord Zarkov:

Thommy H is correct

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