[Archive] Fighting against more than 1 player

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hopefully someone can give me a quick or good answer on this one.

What do you guys do when you have a friendly game and there are more than one opponient?

This Wednesday (Tommorrow) I’ll be facing an army of Tomb Kings and an army of Lizardmen.

I’m assuming that these two guys are going to ally against me (Since I’m the hobby shop owner and it’s such a big thrill to beat me down) and then break their alligences once I’m pounded down or eliminated and then fight each other.

The points cost will probably be 1000, but could be more depending on the number of models fielded.

I don’t want to say what my army has because I know that the Lizard Man player sometimes brouses these boards and I don’t want him to see. However, if you need some details, let me know and I can PM what I have.

So how does a 1000 point army of Chaos Dwarfs fight a combined Lizard Men / Tomb King army that will be attacking on both sides?

Any suggestions?

(Swiss - I’m looking at you as you’re going to win the “Best General” award for 2009! - No pressure though! :D)

Gar Shadowfame:

I am realy keen on seeing what do you field.

lizies can easily create strong magic defense so i’d say he will want to counter your efforts in magic phase, TK on another hand has lil to offer on that field. I’d skip magic ( aside some defense) and be prepared for stegadons, and loads of skirmishing skinks.

If you manage to get rid of big thing in khemri ( skullchakka, ushabti, giant) ur at home

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I have built both armies for these players. Here’s what I’m up against:


1 Stegadon with Engine of the Gods

36 Skinks with blow pipes (units undetermined - could be 3 of 12)

1 Salamander + crew

16 & 20 Saurus warriors with spears (2 units)

10 Temple guards

8 Saurus Riders with spears

4 Jungle Swarm creatures

Tomb Kings;

2 Kings

1 Lyche Priest

1 Bone Giant

2 Ushabti

3 Chariots

30 Archers

30 Warriors with shields and hand weapons

16 Spearmen with shields

8 Horses with shields and spears - might be 16, I can’t remember.

8 Horses with hand weapons and spears - might be 16, I can’t remember.

I think that’s it.

Thommy H:

Watch out for Tomb Scorpions is my only advice. I set up all my war machines on a single hill and could only watch in horror as a big gribbly thing burst from the ground and proceeded to wipe them out in as many close combat phases as there were machines.


I assume you’re 2000 points and they’re allied against you?

The stegadon is probably your primary target, followed the bone giant.
2 kings, do you mean 2 princes?

Focus most of your shooting on the Lizards, as they stay dead… and fight quite well… and can deal with our durability. The Ushapti, Bone Giant, and Chariots are things to take out with ranged attacks, as you can potentially kill them before they can heal.

Skinks are great targets for magic missiles (and Blunderbuss), as is the TK cav for magic missiles. They’ll drop in record numbers to those. If you get the 2D6 S4 magic missie, KEEP IT. It will be solid against unead, or the softer lizards.

Death Lore is best, as aside from the magic missiles, you can cast into combat… an being able to steal a soul (if you role it) from the Heirophant can be huge. Plus there is the spell giving you fear. It’s defensive against the TK, and can be nice on the Lizards (nothing like a fear causing big block of CD warriors!)

Black Hammer will tear Kings/Princes apart very nicely, with the solid ld of our lord and heroes… we should be relatively safe from the curse.

If you’re at 2k, Bull Centaurs with extra hand weapons will be deadly on the undead… as a flank charge and quantity of S4 attacks can really cut them down… and then make them crumble (the banner + warbanner trick on the BC will make them a NICE shock troop on them).

Remember TK can’t march, so using the Earthhaker on them will REALLY delay them quite a bit. Although keeping the archers shaken can prevent A LOT of shooting, as it can prevent them from shooting both in the magic phase and shooting phase. Alternately, you can focus it on the Lizards and hope to dispell the TK movement spell

Don’t worry about the skeletons combat prowess. The lizards, and special/rare TK, is where the deadliness is at.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

ThanX Swiss. Actually though, everyone will have 1000 points. It’s just that, knowing these players, they’ll form an “in Game” truce with themselves, probably on turn 2, to combine their forces against me. So I’ll have 1000 points and have to fight agains 2 other 100 point armies, making me face a 2 to 1 set of odds.

Hang it if the guy’s spying on me. I think I’ll just add in my avalible figures to the list and see what you come up with for a strategy.

3 CD Heros

1 Fire Sorcerer

1 Death Sorcerer

1 Death Rocket

1 Bull Centaur Hero

1 Bull Centaur standard Bearer (or BSB)

36 Blunderbuss (Can break into 3 units)

12 Hand Weapon + Shield CD Warriors

10 Heavy Weapon CD Warriors

20 Hobgoblin Archers

20 Hobgoblins with axe and shield

20 Hobgoblins with axe and shield

20 Sneaky Gits

10 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders with Axe and Shields

5 Black Orcs (A very minimum unit)

Hopefully, if I get a chance tonight, I can make some Hobgoblin bolt throwers to try and take on that Stegadon. I have a few pony carts as well as an extra box of 20 unbuilt Goblin models plus the 2 special Night Goblin sorcerers from BFSP. Some of these guys could become crew.


I don’t have much info, but flaming weapons on your heroes should be good against the TK. Not really much of advantage…but hey. As the others said maybe keep some expendable hobgoblin units near your artillery units.

Da Crusha:

a couple things about the mechanics of multi player games that Ive noticed are:
magic is weaker since there is more than one player trying to dispel your stuff
close combat armies will thrive since they will get to fight in more than just your and player 2’s turn but also player 3’s
the easiest way to win is to sit back and wait for the other 2 to duke it out and then come in when they are both completely weakened or one is wiped out entirely.


Are you going to play one vs one vs one? How does it work? I am wondering how you deploy… do you have a triangle table? lol :smiley:

Well do you think they will not fight each other to fight you? Waht have you done to them? lol :smiley:

Being serious, I do not have much an experience against both those armies but I can give you a couple of advices. You have only 1000 points… so no double rares. This is a problem because both bull centaurs and shaker are very useful units against your opponents. Under 1000 points I’d use a lot of cheap hobgoblins. They cost nothing and give  you a lot of combat resolution.

If they coalized against you I’d castle somewhere, use a shaker and bolt throwers to hammer him as much as possible, use three mages trying to soften them with magic fire and use hoboglbins to delay his troops. Go naked :wink: send them in vawes to slow him down…

Remember, you are a dwarf: if you have to die, accept your destiny and bring with you as many enemies as possible… maybe a dark emissary will came with an interesting proposal… it worked once in our history… :wink:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Well do you think they will not fight each other to fight you? Waht have you done to them? lol  

Well, I offer them a place to play, call them "friend", and build their armies for them. ....yeah, I guess I deserve to die! LOL!

I've been reading and watching some DVD's on historical battles and tactics used. Hopefully leaders such as Alexander The Great, Basarossa and others will help me out in using some of their tactics.

I don't have the Earth Shaker (See above list of figures), but if I hurry, I might be able to build a bolt Thrower or two. It might just even the odds as the two opposing armies are primarily on foot.

Also, from what these guys "Leaked out" to me, they are going to target my Blunderbuss crews. Knowing this piece of "intelligence", I can re-direct my strategy and catch them off guard. Too bad I only had X ammount of sleep last night.

I also hope my Blorks and Sneaky Gits will be able to hammer down some of the forces with their double attacks (Two Weapons). I am thinking that the Calvary will be a problem due to Dwarf Mobility issues.


I thing you can survive whit out a earthshaker (especially if you bring centaurs). But you really need those boltthrowers!

Kill his Steg frist (BT’s and death rocket should be able to do that) then concentrate on the bonegiant. oh and get your centaurs in combat a.s.a.p.they will love those extra rounds of fighting (and they have great weapons, they can take on the bonegiant if they charge. (if I remember the bonegiant rules correctly… not sure, does he only get the extra attacks if he charges?)

Da Crusha:

I thing you can survive whit out a earthshaker


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Yeah, and they surprised me by coming to play 6 hours eariler than expected! Couldn’t build the Bolt Throwers in time.

Well, the Skinks wiped out my Sneaky Gits with posin darts, the Black Orks beat each other up from the “Quell Animosity” rule, and now the TK’s calvery is engaging my wolf riders.

The Lizard men sorcerer eliminated my 1 death rocket and now the Stegadon is trampling my first unit of Blunderbuss.

I don’t think I will survive.