[Archive] Fighting Statues!


What do you recon? I thought that when a Chaos Dwarf dies:o, he would want to have his tomb (and gold etc.) guarded. So, evil magically animated warrior statues would suffice.

Stat line M  WS  BS  S  T  W  I   A  LD

            5    4   n/a  4  5  3   2  3   8

Pts- 40-60 (?)

Special Rules- Daemonic- Use current instability rules (ld test, wounds=fail number)

                  - Magic Resistance (1)

                  - Magical Attacks

I found something that looks like what it should look like

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So basically a magical ogre for CD. Probably a 0-1 special or a single rare.

Pyro Stick:

What kind of chaos dwarf would have a tomb built? I cant think of any apart from Sorcerors but when they die they are lined up along some road. I would of thought chaos dwarfs would have too much respect for their superiors to consider grave robbing. For lords etc, if they do happen to have a tomb, i would imagine they are magically sealed to protect against grave robbing, and knowing chaos dwarfs, they would be fairly violent protections. Violent enough to discourage grave robbing.


I agree with Pyro here.

However carrying the statues of petrified Sorcerers into battle as some sort of war altar or talisman to the army, might be a cool idea.

Maybe the statues still hold magic in them which the ‘living’ Sorcerers can use to further power their spells with, or strengthen them to become more powerful.

Or they could give bonuses to troops nearby.

Thoughts anyone?!


Having some sort of tomb guardians wouldn’t be a bad idea. Not all CD live in the great cities. Those on the outskirts of the Plain of Zharrduk would have greenskin/ skaven/ barbarian tribes nearby that might try and rob them. I imagine CD tombs would be very rich pickings.

Ballistic skill would be 0, I would also make M4 and WS3.

I think Reaper do some decent stone golem creatures. You could just use them as DOW Ogres

Thommy H:

I see the logic of M5, since most 3 wound/3 attack creatures have a high Move, but these are a) made of stone and b) built by Dwarfs. If a Dwarf built a statue, it would be a statue of a Dwarf, and therefore have M3, or M4 at the most assuming they decided on something taller.

I also agree with Grim’s WS 3 comment. If they’re better in combat than Chaos Dwarfs, why don’t they just build millions of them to use in their armies instead of just guarding tombs with them? I think you perhaps need to rethink some of the theme with that in mind - make them physically less imposing, but play up the psychological aspect.

Also, as an aside, the model you linked to is man-sized, so probably wouldn’t work for a US 3 creature like these.


@Tommy H- I think they are about the size of an ogre (30mm)

All fair enough points, didn’t read into CD fluff about death, so I assumed they would be like normal dwarfs in that way (tombs, paranoia etc.). Guess I was wrong :slight_smile:

How about- Cause fear
                Movement 4
                Act as BSB for Greenskins (Obsidians idea, they would be petrified somethings, and scare slaves strait)
                -1 Ld for Greenskins within 12" (scare them too much)
                WS 3
                60-80 pts each
Otherwise same?

Thommy H:

@Tommy H- I think they are about the size of an ogre (30mm)
Ogres aren't 30mm - 30mm is a man-sized model (GW figures are said to be "28mm heroic").