[Archive] Fighting the not so dead


Hi guys

I’m going to start fighting against vampire counts soon, something which I have not done yet with the vampire counts book. My army mainly revolves around deathshriekers and magma cannons to induce panic checks causing my foe to flee. Unfortunately this won’t work against undead for the minor factor that they don’t give a damn about panic and fear. Other than war machines i have a few characters and two infantry units.

Can anyone give me advice on how to stop the new vampire counts in their tracks?

Thanks for any replies :hat off


Kill the general, kill the army.

Sorry, to further that point - The army will start to crumble when the general dies. That makes things a lot easier. On top of that, they can’t march anymore when the general is dead.

Some things to look out for that can kill your war machines - Vargheists, Varghulfs, Dogs. Make sure your war machines are protected from these. Maybe a couple of smaller units of Bull Centaurs.


A tooled up Vampire Lord is more than a match for anything in the LoA army - you can’t fight him head-on. You will likely find the Vamp has brought his Dragonhelm specially for the occasion. Best way to get him is to force crumbling by killing the crap out of his unit. This means big casualties, so Destroyer, Fireborn and Skullcrackers are the best choices for the job.

IG can handle all the VCs Core with no problems.

Magic missiles and a ruby ring to deal with the ethereals.

A Daemonsmith on Metal and a Destroyer to deal with the heavy cav.

Vargheists are actually the biggest threat I find, as they are skirmished so can minimise damage from templates, and are very fast and hit super hard. If used well, they will neutralise your war machines. Again, magic missiles are the best answer, though they might just fail a frenzy test and charge the wrong target anyway.


Luckily Undead’s best ally is the fear they cause and CD have good leadership. Not sure as I haven’t played in ages but since they don’t really have any shooty stuff and can’t march I’d be tempted to have a lot of firearms and take them out as they close for CC. You’ll be heavily outnumbered as well so lookout for things like direwolves coming at your flanks etc. As stated, get the general, use your warmachines to target them. If you can get them early you’ll be sweet.


i play vc as my main enemy, and heres a few things ive picked up

-deathshriekers can help curb large units

-if he has multiwound units like vargs or the giant ghouls, ash storm them then either fireball or deathshrieker them, the flammable+flaming attacks rids you off them quickly)

-you need to get rid of corpsecarts fast

-mortis engines can hurt the destroyer annoying well without getting into combat with it

-krell must not be allowed to get into combat with a destoryer, you will kill him, but he will likely take you out aswell

-blunderbusses are awesome, i give my unit of 30 the flaming banner and they just remove units

-hobgobs with 2hw are more than a match for skelies or zombies, i take a horde of 40 w/fc

-the lone khan with foolhardy+enchanted shield can do wonders for you, mine held up a unit of 17 direwolves for 5 turns, and in another game took out 2/3 of a unit of vargeists


thanks for all of the great advice :hat off

Given me some ideas over what units to use and it seems that deathshriekers and IG are good for killing large numbers of troops while the destroyers and fireborn are my vampire hunters