[Archive] Final Cut Tournament 2500


So this is my final cut for a tournament coming up next week. I dont like hob-gobs or gunlines persay.

Sorcerer Prophet 400

Lvl 4 Hashut

Charmed Shield

Tali Pres

Black Hammer of Hashut


Infernal Castellan 197


Mask of the Furnace


Daemon Smith 155

Lvl 2 Death

Dispel Scroll

10 Infernal Guard 180


Fireglaives + Shields

27 Infernal Guard 447

Great Weapons + Shields

Full Command

Banner of E-Flame

Iron Daemon 310


Magma Cannon XXX

6 Fireborn 340


Kdaii Destroyer XXX

Total: 2499

Drops: 7

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Let us know how the tournament goes. I rarely equip my Sorcerer-Prophet for combat (that’s the dead-last place I ever want my wizards to be) so I’ll be curious how it goes.

Presuming your Infernal Engineer is hiding in the back telling your Magma Cannon how to get it done, why did you choose to make him a level 2?

Grimbold Blackhammer

Time of Madness:

Fairly solid looking list. Depending on playstyle you may want to make the following changes (ie this is what I would do).

I’m not a big fan of great weapons. Are you deploying that unit of guard 10 wide (3 deep) to take advantage of the horde rules for attacks?

I’d rather see that unit have hand weapon/shields and be deployed 5 wide by 6 deep. You don’t need the infernal flame banner as you already have more then enough fire attacks. Take the lichebone banner to give your characters a 3+ ward vs death magic snipes. Make the guard unit 28 strong (30 with the bsb/prophet).

I don’t mind the extra level on the smith if you have the points. If you are searching for points though that is something you can easily drop.

Black hammer is a bit of a waste on the prophet. His 3 attacks won’t be doing much.

Time of Madness


I run them 6x5.

Also Hammer is brilliant with Breath and Ashstorm. One shotted a Great Unclean One the other day. Ever since then I have been over the moon about it. :wink:


I like it.

personally i would increase the size of the fireborn, 6 seems to me a bit few considering their low t…

Time of Madness:

 Also Hammer is brilliant with Breath and Ashstorm.  One shotted a Great Unclean One the other day.  Ever since then I have been over the moon about it. ;)

That is what I call a gimmick or a one hit wonder. How often are you going to get an opponent to commit his big nasty *insert monster/unit* into your main unit of infernal guard with a bsb/prophet. And then also rely on getting two spells off to assist the prophet in combat.

The hammer may have some merits if taken on a prophet riding a bale taurus. At least then you can dictate where and when the prophet will be in combat, allowing you to pick on flammable targets.

Bottom line is there are just not enough flammable targets to make it useful. Combine that with the 3 attacks from a prophet and it is lose lose for me. I'd rather protect my prophet to try and keep him around as long as possible.

Also keep in mind we have multiple ways to deal with flammable big nasties.
Time of Madness