[Archive] Finally! A table for Blue

Blue in VT:

Howdy all…:hat off

So since I’ve gotten back into the hobby after a very long break (15 years or so) I’ve mostly been collecting and painting…but lately the urge to actually game with my minis has gotten stronger.  However one of the major impediments to having an actual game was the lack of a table to play on…also the lack of money to make one…also the lack of space in which to keep it… :(  

But!  the other day I was looking through our local Craigslist and saw someone offering a folding Ping Pong Table for $30…I thought this would be a great compromise…a big table to game on that folds up fairly small…and a PP table for when the kids are older.  So I called them and they told me I could have it but that it was cracked and wouldn’t work for PP anymore…so I dropped the idea.  Well yesterday the guy gets ahold of me and says I can have it for free if I come get it…I was there in 10min… lol  “Awesome” I thought a huge table to play on (9’x5’)…more than big enough for even large games.  So I brought it home…and found that it was a cheap Piece of Crap…and it was wobbly…and as I started to set it up the “crack” turned into this…

:’( :’( So much for my big table!  But not to be deterred I threw that half of the table away and consolidated all the legs under the remaining half…this made the remaining half MUCH more stable and still left me with a decent size playing surface of 5’x4.5’  Which should be great for Skirmish games and small WFB games (3rd edition of course).  here is what she looks like now

Not to shabby for FREE!!

And Yes I’ll have to play in my Garage…but its better than nothing!

Now I just need to come up with some low cost terrain, and some cheap acrylic to paint the table with and I’ll be good to go.

Wish me luck!




Low cost terrain? Go through your town park and pick up some interesting dry branches.

Works ok for lizardmen scenery.


Congrats dude!! and who cares that you have to play in your garage, as long as you have a place its fine.

Raiding construction yards and like is the best way to get free scenery (:

have fun playing!


I made a few pieces of ultra-cheap terrain using foamcore, cardboard and blue insulation foam with old DVDs as bases. They used really cheap acrylic paint from a dollar store to colour them… Maybe it will give you some ideas!



Well done Blue, on the table. It sure is nice for a freebie.

I too am on the lookout for a gaming table which is easy to store. But I have also been hoarding terrain making material like polystyrene, wire, foam core, card board of various thickness so I am all set to build terrain.

I look forward to seeing the progress of your table, and all the terrain pieces that will go on it.


a good score there. If the legs are stable enough you could just add a bigger sheet of MDF on top, not too thin and not too much wider. That all I started with until I build a better one. And come-on who out there isn’t banished to the shed most times