[Archive] Finally got a decent bargain!


Just picked up a full set of chaos trolls on eBay for about $10USD (~$8 Australian) each.

Very happy with this :smiley:

In other news, I’m having trouble with a transaction (or 4) with a seller, who shipped my orders (all payed for in separate shipping) which I ordered over the course of 3 weeks, in a single box, with one piece of bubble wrap, in zip-lock bags.

Aside from paying for the separate shipping and desired different arrival times, many have “escaped” from the box and broken each-other due to improper packing.

I started a claim on Paypal after all I got from the seller was nasty replies, and they have told me to send the items back…

Problem is, how do I send back what I only have bits of? Also, what’s the cheapest recorded/registered way to send a package to the UK?

Need some help with this as I had to open four claims as it was all payed for separately but arrived together (what survived of it, anyway) and I’d like to know if I’m supposed to send 4 different packages or just one. Not happy about this as I’m now getting ripped off even just doing returns. :mad

Thanks in advance for any help:)



I’d guess it doesnt matter if you send 4 different packages or not.

I would ask for pre payment to return items, I buy and sell a lot on ebay and forums and if I was the seller I would apologise and try to rectify the situation with a full or part refund depending on the damage.

Where in UK btw?


sweet, nice one!

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@Starscream - normanby, middlesbrough, TS, ts6 0eh, United Kingdom.

So do you think it’d be fine to just put the same tracking detail for each package? I feel like paypal doesn’t even read the claim properly.

In other news, I’ve just bought two books from a seller on buy it now and have got an email saying my payment’s been refunded and they now need an instant payment or I’ll be reported to eBay… This is dodgy to say the least and I’m not happy about it.

Please can someone help me with this as I’ve just about had enough of dodgy sellers on eBay. Paypal, in its infinite wisdom, won’t let me open a claim until after two weeks, which means I’ll be reported by then. Sick of dishonest people and it’s actually quite upsetting.

@Nitro - Indeed, I’m very pleased with it :smiley:


n/b putting a full address on a public forum, possibly not a good idea.


Ah sorry, thanks for pointing that out Nitro - didn’t trim it after pasting.


Pyro Stick:

Damn thats a lot of bad ebay luck. Paypal can be really tight about claims etc. If you are asked to send an item back they wont refund you the claim amount if its not sent tracked because theres no real proof that it was returned. I guess its trying to protect the sellers interests as well but it just makes it twice as hard for people who have been ripped of to get the payment protection that paypal boast about so much. Just send them back in the same package. They shouldnt expect you to send back 4 different packages just so that they have 4 tracking numbers. Email paypal if you are really unsure. I would definately leave the guy negative feedback. With the books you have bought check the email address requesting the payment and compare it to another paypal email you know if official. Theres always subtle differences between official and fake paypal emails.



Tell them you have paid already, if they refunded ask why they did so?

Suspicious to SAY THE LEAST!


definitely dodgey. like nitro said, E-mail paypal with a clear statement of whats happened and don’t be afraid to ask the refund people why. I’ve had a few that even though something was still up for sale they didn’t actually have any. Save the Emails and messages so you have a paper trail if you need it.


I got the transaction with the instant payment seller cancelled, though they didn’t explain.

I’ve since sent one package to the other seller who neglected to send all my items/sent multiple listings together damaged, returning what little actually did arrive. I provided the same tracking number for all of the claims so I hope that will work.

In other news, I’m also on a roll for winning good deals. Won this for my Nurgle WOC army

x2 Warriors of Chaos Battalions (total of 24 warriors of chaos, 40 chaos marauders, 20 chaos warhounds, 10 chaos knights)

x1 Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord on Juggernaut (1 metal model)

x1 Warriors of Chaos Lord Archaon (1 metal model)

x1 Warriors of Chaos Knights (5 knights)

x1 Warriors of Chaos Warrior Regiment (12 models)

x1 Temple of Skulls (scenery)

x2 White Dwarf magazines

x40 Citadel Warhammer paints (every color needed for chaos, all pots are near full)

x6 or so fine detail brushes

x1 lot of static grass (enough to do about 1000 model bases)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m stoked about that to say the least. And all for a fraction of the GW price. A tiny fraction. Postage included :slight_smile:

Looking forward to getting this in the mail. Got it the minute it showed up on BIN (refreshed the page and it was just listed)

Also banked money today and found out I had $400 more than I thought I had.

So had some pinches of salt, but also teaspoons of sugar :slight_smile:

Just because you’d like to know and cheers for the help so far - I’ll let you know how it turns out.



Awesome, you eBayfu is leveling up! ;D


Update on my luck-streak.

Just picked up the old Marauder Giant for $20 and the Slaves of Darkness book for about $40 :smiley:

The case is still awaiting the other seller’s action.