[Archive] Finally some of my Masks and Big Hats


Hi guys,

Finally I got some basing matierals I was happy enough to put on my Chaos Dwarves. I use a model railway ‘coal’ mix, as well as an ‘Ash’ mix from GaleForce9 Hobby Scenics.

Anyway, on to the photos!

(Apologies in advance for the poor lighting and not the best angles…)

I had some of the plastic big hats, but I’m yet to find the best stripping technique for them, so at the moment the only big hat painted to the right standard is Astragoth:

Next up is my first BfSP conversion. I have since decided to completely remove the shield, rather than place the new one over the top.

I never really wanted to buy a whole bunch of big hats as blunderbusses, and wanted to hold on for something new. This is my first attempt at a bunderbuss, and taken from a BfSP thunderer.

Next up is my slave gang. I first read about this idea from someone many years ago who wrote up an experimental list on the web. It listed the slave gang as being on a 20*80 base. I have since placed these guys on seperate bases, and also took a bit of a different approach.

The Chaos Dwarf Slaver is from the BfSP dwarves, the Hobgoblins are taken straight from Squig Herd crew - only the ones with the Tridents. These guys push forward the slaves - a mixed bunch from all races, bound to the Chaos Dwarf slavers’ will by their warpstone cuff and chains around one of their wrists.

These guys generally are used as a/ minimum sized Hobgoblins with no upgrades or b/ vanilla Duelists (if I’m using the DoW list).

Next I have some bulls from the Reaper range. These guys I am considering using as some kind of cavalry choice. Or perhaps sabretusks in an Chaos Dwarf-Ogre army.

Lastly, a model I am quite proud of. Before bitz orders stopped at GW, I stocked up on Bull Centaur legs. The torsos however I am not the biggest fan of - however I do intend to use the torsos for a few other things in the works. I do however prefer my Bull Centaurs as Ironguts, and I think the rules suit them a bit better. Plus, in my Chaos Dwarf-Ogre army, I can have MANY units of ‘Bull Centuars’ easily.

He is made in the same style as the BfSP dwarves, with the mask and helm at the back. Some GS was needed to get the right angle for the torso. I used the Marauders torso, and the Marauders flail arms for the great weapon. The axe head is from the plastic Black Orcs.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s all looking very good. As for stripping plastics, i’ve been told Simple Green is good, but it must be done carefully (possibly in a few small stages to get timing right) as if it’s done too much it will melt the model.

The colour scheme is good and the BB is cool! Will you try to use the horn on all of them or will you try some other pieces too?

I really like the idea of the magical collars binding them… It makes a lot of sense and is easier than chaining them all together. Kudos! (If I have a lsave unit, I might steal that one :wink: )

I love the two bulls. I loved them anyway, but in those colours they look brilliant and would be very fitting as sabretusks. I’d suggest that if you wanted them as anything else (maybe for rhinoxs? or count as BCs?) to try and put the head in a different pose (with a lot of effort) as otherwise they’ll look a little bit pants. As they are, it looks great though.

Also, the Bull Centaur works really well! One thing, maybe move him to the side slightly and add something to his base (like a small dog/bull or something) as it makes him look smaller than he is.


Tremendous work so far! Excellent use of bits! Cool slave unit, love the collar idea also. Those reaper bulls are sweet figures, no doubt.

Can’t wait for more progress from you!

Ghrask Dragh:

Cool to see some new masks about the place, looking good!


Thanks for all your comments!!

I have heard of simple green a lot, but never been able to locate in Australia (thus far).

I plan to use the horn on roughly a third (or possibly one entire unit). I made an excellent trade a few months ago for a whole bunch of early 6th ed Chaos Warrior musician arms - so I plan to use some of those. Plus I have some leadbelcher unit fillers, a couple of big hats (for champions) and a few other models that I think would fit too…

As for the bulls, I did re-position one of the heads, as well as the legs (so he could be leaping over the rock), but the angle I took the photo at doesn’t reflect it very well…

As for the magical cuffs binding them, I couldn’t really think of a better way. The ‘new’ chains from the plastic flagellants are great, and this way you can get a whole lot out of a few of them. I also quote like my slave unit because it allows me to use all those random miniatures of all races I have hanging about… e.g. my next unit of slaves features a Fimir!

As for the Bull Centuar - this being my first attempt I general go quite conservative. I will be looking at some more dynamic positions for the other models, and generally will be putting something else on the bases too. Dogs / mini-bulls don’t quite fit though, will quite probably be looking at more terrain, or possibly something/someone being crushed underfoot, or a slave being dragged along…

As a side note - do you guys prefer black skinned or red skinned Bull Centaurs? I still haven’t quite made up my mind, so expect the next one to be black/grey…


Nice work. Also a point about Simple Green - it doesn’t melt plastic at all, as I leave plastic figures in it for months at a time.

Kera foehunter:

nice start !!bull centaur is great so is the blunderbuss

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think black might not work so well, particularly if there are a lot of dark colours and blacks on the model already.

I can see the head change on the bulls, but a little more was what I meant :wink:

Sounds good! I can;t wait to see more. So, get cracking :wink:


Great Looking Bull Centaur!


those reaper bulls are great, I might have to invest in a few.

for striiping plastic, I’ve yet to find anything work as well as brake fluid, nasty stuff mind.


Simple green works fine and is plastic safe.

I’ll leave figures in about a week and that usually does quite a good job. Still will need an old paintbrush though.

Good looking stuff though!