[Archive] Finally some warriors!


Well they’be been a long time coming as I have jumped from one idea to the next, doing various prototype models along the way.

On the left we have the unit champion, I 'm very happy with how he came out, but because of the price and lack of variety I’m not really tempted to do a whole army from the 3 models.

This is basically my final ‘prototype’ as I think I’m happy with the basic design. I learnt a few things to improve on the next one, namely waiting for the miners to save me doing the arms, and to space the legs further apart. Also the apron/ loincloth needs to be improved. He needs a better shield design as well, but I was too impatient to put up the pictures.

I have decided to theme my CD as if they’ve just come out of the forge, thrown on some armour and marched to war. But also based on the hellcannon crew in many way; carrying tools with them and very similar masks/ beard armour.

This is what I plan to do for the main units; mix in as many of the dwarf warmachine crew tools as I can, but only ones that look like they could do some damage. The rest will have a mixture of axes and curved blades. I’m going to try and do at least 3 industrial things on each model.


Well sir, you have succeeded in making me jealous. It’s a great theme too, I like the cog-bitz on the champion’s shield especially. You have given me much to think about in terms of how I can use the greenstuff…

P.S. What are the cog/wrench on the warrior’s skirt made of? Plasticard?


Yes its plasticard.

I was thinking of doing all the shields with the cog effect all the way round, but is less actually more?

Would it reinforce the theme hugely, or would it just be too much?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think perhaps just the little bit on all shields, or perhaps even just command and characters… But they look awesome! You can REALLY tell that the one on the left is higher than a normal warrior (whether champion or hero).


Your sculpting skills continue to impress! You have a great vision for how your army will look, and it’s a pretty sweet look indeed!


Really like the cog effect on the shield like some others have mentioned. I would leave it only for some, possibly only command. It’s one of those things where if you do it too much, it’s not as good anymore.

My only complaint, would be the umm… flap thing that comes out of the back of the second guys helmet looks a bit chunky. Maybe it’s just the image or something, but it looks thick to me.

The Flying Beaver:

That’s the best conversion with the hellcanon dwarf I’ve seen. Awesome job Grim!


Wow just wow… the level of work on this site never stops amazing me.


You really go all out grimstone, the detail is fantastic.

The cog/gear is my favourite part.


Cogs are great. I am having one on the shield of every warrior in my 2nd warrior unit. :slight_smile:


I meant to ask Xander, those metal ‘cogs’ you use, are they easy to bend onto a rounded surface? I.e. get it onto a dwarf shield without it sticking out too much?

Or would a flat shield be much easier?


The particular cog I use probably would not do well if you tried to bend it. A flat surface would work better if you are concerned about it sticking out too much.

Speaking of which, I need to drop by the Hardware store and get a bunch more of the small ones.


i love these guys, please paint them soon… just for me :hat off

okay, there is no need to say something about your sculpting skills anymore, you should know, your are the king of the green. i tried to make some cogwheels of plasticard, too, but i gave up, it was too much for me ^^. have you made it with a knive or a file?

there is only one thing, i really don’t like: the shields. maybe it look much better after you paint them, but now, they look too wussy-dwarfish, not evil enough in my opinion. you could remove the symbols or changes them (for example to a fist which breaks an anvil with flashes and all that CD-stuff… maybe you know the artwort from the old army book ^^).

that’s all, i love them :hat off


I think your best bet for shield cogs would be to get a thin sheet of brass etch from a model store and cut out your own cog shape and then either make a GS-mould for it and cast as required or keep cutting out more using the first as a stencil.


I’ve tried casting a shield (of my own making), but gave up very quickly. Without a centrifugal casting machine you can only go so thin.

I’m not so concerned about a GS mould, I’m happy enough converting the 7th ed dwarf ones.


I need to do some proper designs for shields, skull ones are evil enough, and I’m not going to do bull ones again (too hard).


nice job on the wee dwarfs:hat off:hat off


Grim, those are really really nice!

How did you get the beard to look so good?

:hat off :cheers


Looking good. I can’t wait to see some paint, or a whole unit of these bad boys.


Looking good. I can't wait to see some paint, or a whole unit of these bad boys.



Thanks Tjub. Fortunately I was not so slow that I couldn’t offer some painted pics after 2 years! :slight_smile: