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Hi there,

quick question, how hard/easy is it to convert finecast models?

I’m pretty much a noob who has only done limited minor swaps before, but have an idea for some finecast alterations.


Pretty easy. It’s far easier than metal, and probably easier to cut than plastic. It is however, very brittle, so don’t apply too much pressure or it’ll snap.

If filing or sawing, be careful, I think the dust is carcinogenic if inhaled.

We are Legion:

GW assures us its non-toxic as its their own special blend of plastic resin, they just recommend you don’t file or sand ‘or you’ll lose detail’ so keep in mind where that info is coming from.

I’ve had some problems with bubbles and miscasts in my finecast things too (My Commissar Yarrick model was missing most of his right foot, and his storm bolter and cape looked like there was some ‘battle damage’ and my Lammasu had some bubbles in its front paw though it was easily repaired with greenstuff). However, GW is good about replacing miscasts, at least here in the states. And I believe they started selling ‘liquid green stuff’ as a way to deal with those miscast finecast models. Note: I also play ogres, my Firebelly was a PERFECT cast, apart from a bent weapon handle (easily fixable with hot water).

That having been said, its extremely easy to convert, VERY easy to cut, very lightweight. I’m finding that the Finecast Lammasu and Taurus are TOO light to carry the weight of a metal rider, which is something else to bear in mind.


Yeah I did a rather hefty conversion of Lufgt Huron into a non-chaos space marine captain shortly after fincast was released to see its convertibility.

Its dead easy, comes away far easier than plastic but watch out with filing and the like. Also I second the being careful about applying force, it is rather brittle so be careful around thin areas.