[Archive] Finished CD warriors & some hobbos


These are from my warband I’ve been playing with lately, and I am growing into a full army. I used BFSP dwarfs with jewelry beads for hats. The Hobbos are a mishmash of different bits. [attachment=1245][attachment=1246][attachment=1244][attachment=1243]


This has got a real eastern feel to it. The beads have worked very well. I like the chaos warrior head on the right, that’s blended in nicely. It may just be the brightness of your photos, but the hobgobbos seem to have human skin colour?


The Hobgobs ended up with reddish skin: My take on them is that they are a half-breed race related to goblins. This was a more stylistic decision, but serves to differentiate them on the table from regular goblins. That also allows me to use many different models for them. I want them to come in different sizes/shapes.


Love the hats! Lovely details and texture.

Rather unusal color on the hobgoblins, but it works.

Kera foehunter:

great job !! love the color on the hobgoblins


Really nice hats there Boggo! And the faces reminds me of the member Tjubs chaos dwarfs, which are of the best chaos dwarfs I have ever seen. Good job!


Actually, I remember the very old Hobgobs being that color… which is exactly how I planned on painting mine. If you don’t mind my asking, what was you palette?


I based them with dark flesh, then highlighted with tanned flesh/dwarf flesh. Then I put a thinned red wash (the new GW wash) over that.