[Archive] Finished Kholek Suneater


slightly converted and painted, he looks a bit neater in person, the model is actually a bit darker in color also.


Thats awesome great colour scheme!


Cool model, and a good paint job, nice!!

Kera foehunter:

< slaves> to help with your painting

Very nice


doing the armour must have been a headache


Thanks for the positive comments…I wanted the armor to look like boney carapace…I base painted the armor brown, and then dry brushed GW “Tyrant Skull” over it, which is a “dry” paint.  My friend recommended the GW dry paint ,its  a tacky paint that looks like its dried out in the pot but is made for dry brushing.Its actually darker in person than in the photo. I also greenstuffed a braided/banded beard down the front of his armor and added a bit of hair coming out of the right side of his helmet looking at him straight on.