[Archive] Fire and Death sorcerer ideas


I have some trounle coming up with ideas for the lores of fire and death sorcerers. I don’t want to do what every has done for the fire wizard(BFSP slayer) and i’m not shure what other people have done for lore of death. Can anybody give me a hand.


have one for fire, get a regular dawi model, the empire wizard sprue, and the pointing arm from the miners sprue.

Remove the head and beard, and one arm, and one hand. get the empire wizard sprue and attach the flaming skull to where the head of the dwarf was, then sculpt on a beard, then replace the missing hand with the flaming staff. replace the missing arm with the pointing arm.

sculpt on extras as wanted

Hashut’s Blessing:

What I did for a fire sorcerer (and later, many others started as well), was to use the crewman holding a cannonball and sculpt flames onto it. Simply enough. Add hat or mask if you’dlike. As for a metal sorcerer, I would say have them in fll plat armour, holding as many metal objects as possible, including scales with metal weights on etc…


I would say borrow ideas here and there from other people. I think the main thing comes down to basic coloring. For a basic death sorcerer, you could convert a plastic dwarf, maybe sculpt a robe on him and give him skeletal hands from the zombie sprue, then paint him dark colors. A fire sorcerer would probably use lots of reds and oranges. Sculpt flames and what not you know.


@minty: I like the idea for the head hands down. Thats something worth trying.

@Hashut’s Blessing: Those sound good but the thing is I know more than one person has done their fire mages like that before. I know what my metal sorcerer is gonna look like and it’s something like this.

@Doogle: Well the robe I like and the zombie looking arm reminds me of what a guy did for his Necromancer on Warseer and to be honest I kinda liked it. I like the sculpting flames idea, but it’s to bad I don’t know how too.


well, you can see a horribly distorted pic of my sorcerer in my avatar. as for your metal mage, your best be there is again the BFSP cannon engineer. chop off the wrench, attach a rune of hashut, sculpt the curly beard, add a scale mail gorget around his neck, file down his helmet to be more round rather than pointed, and add some horns.


Thats my basic plan. I do plan on getting chaos warrior helmets for my army tough and the metal sorcerer is no exeption.