[Archive] Fire Wall of Green Stuff

Pyro Stick:

Im wanting to sculpt a fire wall from green stuff or if anyone can think of an easier way please tell me. I was wondering if anyone knew of any places to tell you how to sculpt flames or if there are any pic’s anywhere of gs fire walls.


The method I learned to sculpt flames was to shape the GS into roughly the shape you wanted the flames, then get clippers like you would use to remove your models from the sprue and start cutting it to get your tongues of flame. I think GW had an article on all sorts of flames…

Here you are. Fire

Has four ways to do fire (plus mine from above) and how to paint it as well.


The easiest way is to pour superglue on to some toilet paper shaped like flames, but be carefull, it gets very hot during the drying.


- Kyte


I get a blob of GS and pull long strands out with a pin. It seems to work quite well for me

Pyro Stick:

Thanks. ill give it a go and show you what it turns out like. (sorry , i completely forgot about this thread)