[Archive] Fireglaives... & their use


So, yesterday I played with 10 FG-IG.

Although they survived the battle; they did nothing.

They required 5’s/6’s to hit the entire game,

Killed a total of 3 White Lions.

The killer for me was the low range, & BS3.

They were essentially 10 17pts each, Halberd Dwarfs.

In theory, they seem to do the same damage as 20 Hobgobbows.

But for -76pts.

Perhaps their charm is deterance?

I would be interested in hearing other people’s opinions on FG-IG,

Success stories, advice or warn me away, lol.



I recently used a unit of 20 with a castellan in two ranks againts ogres and they worked a treat, against 15 bulls they managed three decent rounds of shooting with a stand an shoot then taking out 4 or 5 then mopped up the rest in combat.


I don’t like FG IG, granted i have only used them twice but both times they were under par, there main use is chaff removal but i find 20 Hobgoblin’s with bow do much better (Don’t know if the maths support this or not though)

- Chico


they are more for flanking units like detachments for empire. and fireglaive dwarfs worked wonders for me in close combat and in range


I have used units of 10-12 Fireglaivers, I find that even if they are found lacking in the shooting phase they always do well in the combat phase. They make awesome flankers and Twith a 4+ save is pretty sturdy.

I have found that the key is playing them with a reactionary mindset rather than and aggressive one. They are fabulous in my gunline armies. 20 Hobgoblins with Bows are also great but kinda lack any combat prowess, but they make great multi-use chaff.


I’ve been using a unit of 12. Mostly, as has been stated, as a reactionary flanker and as anti-chaff.

First game they took out two single Salamanders with shooting, then flanked a unit of Saurus that were engaged with my HW&S block.

Performance? - A

Second game they killed a Shade, a Harpy, then in a blaze of glorious lead killed his Lvl 4 (Shadow) Supreme Sorceress, handing me the game.

Performance? - A+

Third game they putzed around and hid behind a building from an Ogran Gun, then turned around and charged a fleeing unit of Ironbreakers, pushing them a little further toward the table edge. Not really relevant at all that game (but it was a massacre, so they didn’t need to be).

Performance? - C-


i always use a unit of 10 fireglaives, as evilskull said… they are more like flanking units or detachments, also good war machine protectors, even they can do very well vs chaff and kill redirectors at distance … looking them in a point wise way, :h hobgoblins with bows will have a greater number of ranged attacks, and a lot of more wounds (chaff) … but they suck in combat

fireglaives have decent ranged attacks , and fight really well . (multi-use unit that can save the game in many situations):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but really expensive … so it all depends in your list and the way you play


Hi again,

Thanks for all your comments & regaled tales :smiley:

I proxied them again, & they faired better:

Surviving constant abuse, & dishing out damage (actually hitting with shots too!)

But I guess I expected more from them due to the cost (180 for a unit of 10 with Musician).

I think where I can, I 'll try & squeeze them in my lists.

Cheers again!


But I guess I expected more from them due to the cost (180 for a unit of 10 with Musician).

I like to think of them as a tax on the fact that the Destroyer is underpriced. Then it all evens out!


I think you need to use them againts tough opponents to make the best of them as they dont hit often but wound easily. Aim them towards T4 armoured infantry and they should well in shooting and combat, especially with a castellan to make them stubborn so you fight in two ranks.


Yesterday i tried using the FG-IG again, i was somewhat surprised by how well they preformed (I went with a unit of 24, 6by6).

Not only did they do Ok with there shooting but can stand there own in CC, so i will in fact be taking the same set up in every game now :slight_smile:



Singleton Mosby:

I discarded my fireglave regiment and paid the additional point for the Hailshot Blunderbusses as I like them a lot more.