[Archive] First 1000 pts


1 2nd Level Sorcerer 150pts

2 Dispel Scrolls

1 Chaos Dwarf Hero 94pts (General)

Armor of Gazrakh

Great Weapon

(Joined with unit of 11 Chaos Dwarf Warriors)

11 Chaos Dwarf Warriors 169pts


Standard Bearer

Banner of Slavery

10 Chaos Dwarf Warriors 110pts

Standard Bearer


18 Chaos Dwarf Warriors 216pts


25 Hobgoblins 50pts

20 Hobgoblins 40pts

1 Earthshaker 110pts

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower 60pts


Deploy with the Artillery, Blunderbuss’ and Sorc on the flanks, and the units of Warriors in the center. Hobgoblins inbetween flanks and center to either funnel troops into the center, or screen the artiller/shooters.

What do you all think?

The only thing I am some-what apprehensive about is the banner of slavery. It should probably be in the second group of dwarfs that isn’t joined with the General; it would act as a second general essentially, and also help keep my Bolt Thrower crew in line. Maybe I should just drop it for another unit of hobbos?


combine the dwarf warriors into a single unit… and drop the banner…

you only have 2 green units neither of which is worth as many points as the banner…

you can afford to drop a BB to leave a place for the sorceror…

drop the level on the sorceror… 4 dice is as useless as 3 dice… save the 35 points…

points saved can get that hobbo unit yo speak about and get you CD warrior unit up to a healthy 25US…


Alright, Drop a BB, the Banner, and combining the units gives me 82 points. Add two Warriors and thats 64. Add another unit of 20 Hobbos and thats 24. Get rid of the extra 5 on the first unit of hobbos and I can buy a third Bolt Thrower. Yay or nay?