[Archive] First 500 using the BfSP box



Been working on my first 500 pts using the contents of the BfSP (plus a few extra stunties). Let me know if this is way off track:


Chaos Dwarf Sorceror

- Lvl 2


15 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

- Musician, Champion

11 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

- Blunderbuss


Earthshaker Cannon

Luckily, I only need 1 extra Blunderbuss and 3 extra Warriors to make this happen with BfSP, and it shouldn’t be too hard to get another lot of the Dwarvish half in exchange for the green half :slight_smile:

I’m torn between getting a vintage Earthshaker, buying a Hellcannon, or scratch building my Earthshaker. Has anyone tried using the BfSP cannon as the base for this (couldn’t find any projects on it in the Conversions section).

Thanks in advance!

- McNs


at 500 points you dont need the sorcerer. id drop him for a cheap hobgoblin hero since you have ld9 all around anyhow. also saves some points for some hobgobs or a bolt thrower.


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I think somebody was planning to turn a Bfsp cannon into a death rocket cant remember who tho.

Your CD warriors could do with a std as it will most likely get swamped being your fighting unit


does the box come with a steam drill for the miners?


You can use the miners to fill out your warrior ranks. No steam drill included unfortunately, but there is a mine cart which fits on a 40mm base to work as a decent unit filler.

The cannon is too, er, cannony, to be used for an earthaker IMO, but you could use it as a counts-as.


What are you going to do with the greenskins that come in the BfSP box?

Use them as Hobgoblins or Goblins?


Thanks for all the replies! To answer some question:

@ Malificant: The lvl2 Sorceror’s in their because he’s apt to be in my 2000 pt. list and this is sort of my “core” 500 pts.

@ Canix: Agreed on the standard (heck, and some more guys), but I’m torn on where to get the points. Drop the lvl 2 upgrade and get the standard and 3 warriors (3 ranks of 6 CDs)? I was planning on using the cannon base for the Earthshaker and the actual cannon for a Death Rocket myself; however, I want to see how my CDs go before I bite off more than my green-stuff skills can chew.

@ Wallacer: Gobbos will be traded for more dwarves or slowly transformed into Hobbos. I’m focusing on the big hats and warmachines now; I’ll deal with the slaves later!

Thanks again!

- McNs