[Archive] First attempt at GT Indy 2000pt list


I have quite a few minis to convert, so I decided to finally get down to making an army list so I know what needs to be done first. I made this list with my son’s Bretonnian army in mind as my first opponent. I also wanted to try and keep characters down to the rumored 25% of the total army limit for 8th edition. I’m really not too certain of the unit of Warriors w/ great weapons. I’ve had poor luck with S5 units going against his knights and that blasted 5+ ward save on top of a 4+ armor save. Thinking about swapping them out for something else but not sure what. I have 2 units of 5 wolf riders that I’d consider putting in, but not sure how effective they’d be against his army.


Overlord w/ shield; Soul Eater (183)

Slavemaster BSB w/ shield (92)

Daemonsmith w/ shield; Hexacon (132)

Daemonsmith w/ shield (112)

CORE (849)

19 Warriors w/ shileds; Full Command; Banner of Daemonic Tides; Eruption Gun (271)

15 Annihilators w/ standard, musician (195)

15 Annihilators w/ standard, musician (195)

20 Hobgoblins w/ spears; standard, musician (112)

5 Hobgoblin Wolfriders w/ bows; musician (76)


15 Obsidian Guards w/ great weapons; Full Command (255)

Death Rocket (90)

Hobgoblin Spear Chukka (35)

Hobgoblin Spear Chukka (35)

15 Sneaky Gits w/ Full Command (115)

RARE (100)

Earthshaker Cannon (100)

1998 pts

Da Crusha:

the army seems cool, I really dont like the 25% cap that 8th ed is bringing so its kinda tough to decide how the army will do. I believe super big units will be the norm for 8th ed. in that case I would add a lot of really cheap hobgobbos.

one problem I see with your list is the deamonsmith cannot carry deamonbane because the 7th ed main rulebook specifically prohibits a character from carrying 2 magic items that have bound spells.

Time of Madness:

List looks nicely balanced. I’d maybe look at dropping a unit or 2 of warriors and like Da Crusha said adding more hobgoblins.

However if you want to play more with warriors then take 2 units of 25.

I bsb is really going to help this list out as well. With LD10 the break test re-rolls the bsb grants are great.

Time of Madness


Ok, I made a few edits to the above list.

@ Da Crusha: Thanks for pointing out that there is a rule disallowing two items containing bound spells for a single character. This had never came up before in my other armies and I had totally overlooked it in the magic item section. Learn something new everyday. :slight_smile:

I agree that a BSB would be beneficial and added him in even though it pushes me slightly over my goal of 500 pts or less of characters. If I wanted to be really picky, I could drop the Hexacon but since I am the one imposing this limit on myself, I’m going to leave it in.

I dropped a unit of Warriors and added in a small block of Hobgoblins and a small unit of Wolf Rders. This benefits me two fold. I don’t have to convert a second unit of Warriors right away (I’m planning on using Night Goblins for my Hobgoblins with minimal conversion) and the Wolf Riders give me a bit more mobility.

I changed the great weapon armed Warriors into a little bit smaller unit of Obsidian Guard. Their killing blow ability will help me against my son’s Bretonnians and they cause fear as well which is an added benefit. The change to my Overlord’s magic weapon ties into this as well. Originally I’d given him the Black Blade of Obsidian to cleave through those knights’ pesky armor, but the killing blow ability of the Soul Eater is a decent (and cheaper) alternative.

A question has occurred to me while picking the characters for this army though. It seems difficult to be able to be able to successfully cast the Daemonsmiths’ bound spells without them being dispelled with an opponent using only the dice from their dispel pool, especially if they field two hero wizards (like my son does). Any other tricks around this? My only thought was to use more bound spells (like the banner I added) and my opponent has to prioritize what he thinks is the most troublesome to him to dispel.