[Archive] First CD Army Theme


For my fist Cd Army i was thinking about covering my CDW in flame and all my hob goblins covered in a nurgle plague

anyone got a better idea or like mine let me know


That’s the spirit! Disease infested hobgobbos :idea

I suggest you think a little about a back story for your theme first. That way the conversions on other parts of the army would perhaps be easier to think of.

How would you do the flames? On heads (like here)

Or maybe on shields or weapons?


I think i will have flame coming off there Armour and weapons, ill do a couple of tests and i might have some flame coming out of the eyes of some models.

I’m going to do the hob goblins as disease ridden green things!

I would appreciate anyone else with ideas to reply because i have only started my army and haven’t really started working on a color scheme or type of conversion yet.

Kera foehunter:

sound good !!Lets see it !!!

Knight Of Awsome:

You know what would be cool? if you had lava in the cracks in the armor filled with lava, thats my idea for armor for the furnace.(im going to use this idea in my army)

also cool ideas, use the flame on the head idea its cool.:idea


thanks for the ideas keep em coming!