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Right im posting these to get more advise on what im doing wrong, im really not happy with him… if you will please give me some more hints as to what you yourself would do.

And the pics arent great what happens when you cant find the lead to your good one and end up using a 3 year old one :S

Bear in mind that this is a quick attempt (im not this bad at painting really :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: honest)

Comments mucho appreciated, honesty is the best policy :smiley: cheers!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Before painting:

- remove the flash and mould lines. These are especially ugly on the inside of the horns

- fill in the gaps with green stuff or something similar - the hole between shoulder and cape is a no-go

During painting:

- use inks to shade the things like hair, metal and the horns

- paint several coats of colour until the basecoat doesn’t show through anymore. Here, this is especially true for the cape

After painting:

- put the model on a base and add some flock / static grass. Any miniature will look much better once on a proper base.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


The painting is fairly neat and tidy, and the pose looks great, colors are pretty good as well.

You need to add some shadows to contrast against the highlights. Washes are invaluable for this task. And as Ishkur states correctly, great bases make all the difference IMHO.


i like his massive mulet


Cheers ishkar, and willmark, i agree whole heartedly with the sprue lines (:S Was in so much of rush i made a huge newbie mistake) nevermind though since ive just modelled a few more, and gotta say, taking that little extra time to make sure everything fits really does make the difference. And i always, always! leave the bases till last, just a habit from starting, the less little corners i have to poke under and round the easier it is to paint. Shall dig out ma camera later and show you my second batch of cd’s. Once again cheers and good day :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

I like your colors !! Need some hight lights. but hey i forget a lot of stuff to!! it great that there great painter here that help us out

Keep up the good work !!