[Archive] first chaos dwarf list, 500 points


chaos dwarf sorcerer 100
level 2

20 chaos dwarf wariors 210
full command

10 chaos dwarf warriors 110
great weapon

death rocket

i'm sure it's not that good, but i'm new at things with less than M5


its not bad, but i would drop the death rocket, give those 10 warriors blunderbusses instead of great weapons, perhaps add 5 more to the unit as well, and use any remaining points on either a hobgoblin bolt thrower or as many naked hobgoblins as possible

Lepreh Khan:

I would ditch the Death Rocket in smaller games as well. Are you playing by warbands rules or just regular rules?

I would partially agree with Slaver, only I would say this: Drop the Warriors with Great Weapons & the Death Rocket. Spend 60 points on 2 bolt throwers, then get 65 Naked Hobgoblins with the rest and put them in 2 groups of 30 & 35. I guess in this small of games you could also do 25, 25, and 15 (the 15 would be bait in front of your other groups).

The only real reason to have Great Weapon groups is if you are using them to take on Ogre-sized models. If there are any ogre-sized models, your 2 Bolt Throwers should be able to take care of them.

-Lepreh Khan


thanks guys for helping

it’s not a warband army, just a small one so i need 2 units of chaos dwarves, i wanted an army with a sorcerer and about 200 hobbos but the rules say no

i guess i could replace the ngreat weapons with blunderbusses but i don’t realy want to as getting within range will proably put me in charge range, and i don’t realy want to risk over a quater of my army for one round of shooting when great weapons can put a sting in my regular opponents iron breakers and kinghts

the death roket is duly dropped, for 2 bolt throwers and 10 naked hobbo’s, and i may replace the great weapons and hobbs with blunderbusses if i’m playing a non combat army


In my expireances dwarfs can only kill things with great weapons then again 4s are my 6s in rolling,and yes ditch the death rocket and get some more GW dwarfs if my calculationd are right you will have 17 CD warriors(18 with scorcerer)and if you feel you want them to live they still have there shield.