[Archive] First Chaos Dwarf Warrior.(experiment)


[attachment=269]A quick conversion. A simple head/weapon swap. Chaos Warrior head/weapon, Dwarf body/arms. Sorry the pic is bad, its from a cell phone.(no dig cam)


from what i can pick out it looks good. cant comment on the beard since i cant see it, but the head and axe look menacing befitting a chaos dwarf immortal.

Kera foehunter:

Dude he cool i love the big axe.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Gee, the picture is really bad. Do you have a flatbed scanner? Works fine, too!


That axe is col, but perhaps a bit too big, About teh only thening that can be made out from the photo…


Sorry, I know its a horrible pic. I plan to fill the gaps & fix the beard with some greenstuff. The axe is big, but it is a “great” weapon! LOL! (no cam or scanner)

I’ve always liked Chaos Dwarves & wanted a CD army, but was put of by the price of OOP figures or the difficulty of converting them myself.

I was surprised how easy it was & all the encouragement & tips I received here on CDonline has really helped me. Im getting some awesome ideas here.