[Archive] First day of summer

Kera foehunter:

well being the first day of summer . i’ am going Canoning

with friends.This should be fun. i love getting on the river .

so what do you like do this summer:hat off


Well Vasquez & I have alot to do this summer :slight_smile:

We have already me in Faarup Sommerland (a danish amusement park), and we’ll getting back again a few times more - other then that we are going to Bruce Springsteen concert in parken in copenhagen. ohh of course taking care of our little new dog - when my old-folks a visting some of my family near the Danish/German border…

There is more on the program, but I cannot remember. D’oh my sister is having birthsday soon too, so she will be celebrate

:cheers :hat off


Damn it! a third of summer went by so fast!

I think I’ll start conversioning CD, couse all I have now is just two dudes from BFSP with CD beards. And I’m thinking of coming back to larpg.


As soon as I finish the kitchen work we’ve been doing, I have to do a bit more yard work and I have to sand and finish the deck. After that, I am doing my best to spend the rest of the summer free time sitting inside in a nice air-conditioned house, cursing the bright ball in the sky that makes it so freakin’ hot, and painting my CD horde. Summer was okay when I had a motorcycle, but I’m old and cranky now, and I like fall and winter.


well, working mostly. boooo. but I played baseball in the evenings and I’m sure I’ll go to the cottage often enough, patios, swimming, tanning.

working from home today… and it’s so nice out n_n makes me want to “work” outside and tan thinks about it


Canoning? Is that like divebombing?

I’ll be taking some trips to the mountains, a bit riskier than normal with the wife due to pop a sprog in a month.


Heh your painting time will soon diminish if you glhad any before that is.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m pretty sure Summer has been going on for some time for me… Since it’s the longest day of the year tomorrow, which is mid-Summer if I remember rightly… Oh well. Trying to get a job, seeing Lórien as much as possible, waiting for some people to be around so I have some friends here, doing some LARPing when they do (possibly some RPing) and when they’re around, some wargaming! Though I might have my first GW one-on-one soon…

Kera foehunter:

ooops sorry canix but as many times we tip are canoe it should of been canoning

becase i sank like a rock


Canoning? Is that like divebombing?

I'll be taking some trips to the mountains, a bit riskier than normal with the wife due to pop a sprog in a month.

soooo, does that mean you're gonna be a daddy!? :)


Well my plan is to completely finish a 2,000 Chaos Dwarf army over my summer/autumn holidays. I also have 4 or 5 Bloodbowl teams to finish, as well as over 300-ish Chaos Marines to finish painting. Huzzah for self-imposed deadlines and what not.


Summer is pretty much the same for me as any other season. Sure, its warmer but work drives my schedule and that means work work work. If I’m lucky I can get out to play some paintball but thats not particularly relaxing, so its not high on my list. Still, I’ll probably make it out to Impact 2008 at Wasaga Beach. That is, if I make it through the next few months of work.


Thanks for reminding me how much life sucks, Kera. Pthphthptphtph!


my anniversary is the longest day, an extra incentive not to forget!!

Kera foehunter:

well anytime GRNDL now go back to work Remeber its not pig sh–

IT’s energy ( From the words of master blaster)



Things I like to do during the summer…

staying cool and drinking lemonade, converting and painting miniatures, playing a few games, compose music, practicing with the community wind ensemble, relax and partake in good conversation.


soooo, does that mean you're gonna be a daddy!? :)

This will be my second. They are a massive time-drain. I've managed to paint a bit and convert, but no battles for over a year (although it doesn't help that I moved house and don't know any players here).

Kera foehunter:

HERAY !!! Cornixt Do you know if it going to be a boy or a girl yet???


First was a girl, second will be a boy. Nice to have one of each, balances the family.