[Archive] First Draft new 2k CD list


After coming into the possession of a bunch of the big-hatted fellows I can finally finish the army I started about 15 years ago and get myself a full 2k of the little fellas.

This is my first draft - any comments/stupid selections - No Bull Centaurs as I don’t have the models.

Chaos Dwarf Lord - Great Taurus, Hammer of Hashut, Armour of the Furnace, Shield - 443

Lvl 2 Sorcerer - 2x Dispel Scrolls - 150

Lvl 2 Sorcerer - 2x Dispel Scrolls - 150

Chaos Dwarf Hero, Armour of Gazrakh, Sword of Might - 110

10 Blunderbusses - 120

14 Blunderbusses - 168 (a wizard in here)

19 Warriors, full command - 201

10 Hobgoblins, Bows - 50

10 Hobgoblins, Bows - 50

20 Hobgoblins, standard - 50

10 Black Orcs, Standard/Musician - 148

Death Rocket - 80

2x Bolt Throwers - 60

Earth-shaker - 110

Earth shaker - 110

2k on the dot - 6 power dice, 4 dispel & 4 scrolls.

Have I spent too much on characters? - I want to include the guy on the Taurus, plus the artillery - as I’ve got that already.

Comments much appreciated.



I don�?Tt think you have spent to much on characters that is the same way that i do my characters and they have served me well in every batter that i have played especial the lord. The only thing i would do is drop the black orcs and one unit of hobgoblins with bows and add in one more unit of CD warriors and then your ready to go.

I like the two earthshakers :slight_smile: whats that you army has a 8" charge not any more they dont :slight_smile:


What kind of environment are you going to be playing in? Two Earthshakers is likely to get you marked down on Comp scores in tournaments that use them, and might not be that much fun if you are playing in a fluffy club environment.

I would drop the Black Orcs, I think that 10 of them is a bit to small to be of much use. If you decide you must keep them in, drop the Standard as it is likely to be a victory points giveaway for your opponent.

Do you really need four dispell scrolls? I suppose it depends on your environment again, but I would say two should be plenty.

I would drop, 2 dispell scrolls, the black Orcs and an Earthshaker, saving 308 points. The I would either take another unit of Warriors, or if you haven’t got any Bull Centaurs you could try some Ogre Ironbreakers if you want a bit of a hammer style unit. With the remaining points you could bulk up your warrior units, take another unit of Hobgoblins or perhaps a couple of Power stones.