[Archive] First ever CD 2500 list

The Gib:

I have been wanting to play Chaos Dwarves ever since I knew the existed. However, it seemed no one quite trusted the rule set and they were not allowed in tournaments around here. Now with the new rules out I believe they will more accepted and I am ready to start the army. I have been going through the book making lists, and then re-making a dozen times, and I think I have the list I want. My goal was to make a list that took into account the power of the dwarves war machines, but still utilized their ability to use magic. My list and strategy is below.

Daemonsmith Sorcerer - LVL2, Dispel Scroll

Deamonsmith Sorcerer - LVL2, Chalice of Blood and Darkness

Infernal Castellan - BSB, Great Weapon, Mask of the Furnace, Shield

30 Infernal Dwarves - Musician, Death Mask, Great Weapon

20 Infernal Dwarves - Musician, Death Mask, Great Weapon

15 Hobgoblin Cutthorats - Musician, Bow

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats - Musician, Bow

2 Magma Cannons - Hellbound

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

K’Daai Destroyer

Dreadquake Mortar - Slave Ogre

2494 points

The 2 Daemonsmiths will sit next to two warmachines in order to get the look out sir and allow a re-roll. The two units of Infernal Dwarves will sit out front to take on any frontal assault units or wheel to hit any units coming in the flank. The Hobgoblins will sit on the flanks as cannon fodder or to reroute units. K’Daai will sit on one flank and race out to take on any large units or warmachines. The Infernal castellan will go in one of the ID units, probably whichever looks like it will get combat first. This looks like a solid list but would love to hear some other opinions. My goal was to make an army that did not necessarily castle and just shoot all game and pray for no combat, but one that would win a shooting contest, but could also hold its own against fast, hand-to-hand lists. :cheers


First and foremost welcome to the the forum :cheers!!!

I’m sure that you’ve taken a look at other threads and army lists on these pages, however here are a couple of suggestions:

-If I were you I would get rid of the 20 men unit of Infernal Guard, as well as the great weapons on the other brick. For two reasons:

1) they resist other troops very good but magic & monsters can kill them quite easily. And Infernal Guards + Great Weapons are a huge point sink!

2) You can invest a lot of points in a unit of K’daai Fireborn or Bull Centaur Renders… These would help you bring the battle to the enemy much faster than M3 Dwarfs!!! Plus, they are very good fighters.

-Also, have you thought about 1 or 2 Khans on wolf? They are cheap(ish) and are crazy good at chaff or shutting down the enemy’s warmachines.

-Rather than having 2 units of Hobbos I would have a large one!

-I would take an Hellcannon rather than a Dreadquake. The cost is the same, the shooting attack hits with the same power and on top of that if any enemy gets close the Hellcannon can mash it in close combat:)!

-Is Hellbound really needed on your Warmachines? Don’t forget that Daemonsmiths are armed with Magic Weapons in case some ethereals get close… And a Khan with a cheap magic weapon can do the same, really.

-Finally, I would change your Magic Items! Because as they stand right now your characters are quite fragile…

The Gib:

If I make only one large unit of IC, maybe 30-40, without Great Weapons, would it be wise to to take blunderbusses for the stand and shoot?


Well, personally I never tried blundebusses, and people here are torn on their effectiveness. Some people say that they don’t want to have “all eggs in one basket” and as I pointed before Infernal Guards can die easily… On the other hand they can shoot the c**p out of you opponent’s units! Looking at the battle report section you can read about heaps of Skaven and Elfs slain in one single volley…

Personally I prefer to have more variety in my army and tend not to spend 500+ points in one single unit… But hey, for many people in this forum it worked great!

The Gib:

I have taken your advice and removed the Great Weapons for the ID. I am not sure how the Hellcannon is better than the Dreadquake Mortar. The Mortar causes any hit unit to have to take a Dangerous Terrain test if they want to pretty much do anything. I know the Hellcannon forces Ld test with a -1 modifier but how good is that, and this may be my 40K mindset taking over where Ld is all but useless because either everyone regroups easily or can’t run in the first place. I have played some Fantasy but not enough to have a firm grasp of something as elementary in the game as Ld. I did add in 3 Bull Centaurs. It was between this and 3 Khan’s on Wolf riders. The riders would have been faster, but the Centaurs seem to be stronger. However, I am staring to second guess myself since these will be warmachine hunters. I kept the two unit of IC, but took out the Hobgoblins completely. As far as the magic goes, what would you suggest? My idea was for a themed army that hated the outside world and would not use anything they did not make, ie nothing outside of the army book. But that will work fine for friendly games, for tourney games I need what will help me win.

Vardan Painkiller:

Hobgoblins must be in minimum 20 strong units.

Da Crusha:

the list looks pretty good.

the hellcannon is better than the dreadquake mortar because if you are facing an army with many potential war machine hunters or just a fast army in general, the hellcannon is still a terror causing monster that can do more damage and take more hits and is unbreakable. definitely something you would rather be fighting with than the dreadquake crew.

plus it’s panic causing ability can stack with lore of death’s doom and darkness, giving units a -4 to panic tests. equal to making dwarfs run like goblins.