[Archive] First (lame) game vs new High Elves


I knew my opponent’s list before hand and he was familiar with mine. He had a level4 archmage, a level 2 mage, 5 blocks of 15 strong varoius foot troops, 2 eagles, 2 bolt throwers, with all the standards like banner of sorcerery and ring of fury.

I run Cd lord on bull taurus, hobgoblin hero with 1+ save ad St7, and 2 level 2 casters with a scroll and stone each.

3x10 hobgobs

2x10 hobgobs with bows

2x10 hobgob wolf riders

3x10 blunderbuss

20 chaos dwarfs

6 bull centaurs

4x bolt throwers


I was very concerned about his magic and shooting pounding me so first target was bolt throwers. I decided to go with shadow magic, despite his assuring me that was the worst thing I could take against him. Both my caster had the default fly a character spell, one had crown, one had the 3d6 St1 missle. He took metal and death to deal damage to me.

Despite his +2 to the roll to go first, which you can expect all HE to get, I rolled 6 and he 1. I moved aggresively forward and went on to magic. My sorcerer with the crown spell cast the flying move on himself on 2 dice… he decided to let it go and I flew behind his line. I then cast the crown using 3 dice with aid of power stone, and rolled well, dishing out 3-4 deaths to 5 units. I cast the 3d6St1 missle at a unit with 2 dice, he let it go and I drop 2 swordmasters. I use the powerstone one the other mage to cast flying move on the hobgoblin hero, get irresistable!! and fly chunky into a bolt thrower and later kill it. I silence his other bolt thrower with the earthshaker.

High elf turn 1… he moves defensively and sets up to slaughter my lone mage and hobgoblin hero with bows. he does a little dammage with magic missles, then miscasts his last spell and rolls a 6… I get to cast a spell free woohoo! I cast crown again (5 units in range again), and start rolling 5s and 6s for hits per unit, including 6 hits on his lone prince who moved out of a unit to shoot at my mage.

Seeing half his army is around half strength, his shooting mostly neutralized, my bull taurus lined up in a flank, and his troops aligned with blunderbusses… he throws up his arms and declares ‘that’s it! I quit, enough of this crap’ and to my astonishment denies my the joy of slowly crushing his elfyness.

Shadow magic might suck, but a flying St7 1+ save hobgoblin can equal a dead warmachine or caster first round, and suddenly they have to kill the pest in their back field while I exercise ranged superiority.


way to crush the pointy ears! i love the 'Ard Grot. i might have to draw up a list or two with one of em and a lvl 4.


Nice use of Shadow magic to outmaneuver those elves!


why the heck did he give up? his level four should have taken fire and level two light. with dispel scrolls and stuff, he could have nutered your magic phase… just shows how damn stck up and proud the new high elfs are to not think straight.


hay, take back that HE comment, I play high elves, and alot of very decent people I know play HE.

your oponent must have just been a bad sportsman, god job on the win anyway