Lord Farfocel:

Hi boys and girls of Daavi Zharr, this is my first official (non GT) list using the Tamurkhan list and I would love any help and any advice. I had some experience and some success with wfb orcs and goblins and now that GW made an official list, first time in over a decade I am coming home! :wink:

The list and (deployment hint):

Lord Prophet (general) (dep 1A) 425
      Lv4 MR2/ward5+, iron curse icon, dragonhelm, luckstone, pistol,
       blood of hashut , chalice
Hero Castellan (bsb) (dep 1B ) 220
      pistol, great weapon, mask of furnace, enchanted shield
       Demonsmith Lv1 (babysitter) 120 dispel scroll
      2x Khan (chasers and redirectors) 120 (dep 5)
       wolf, spear, shield, light armour

Core 30x IG Fcd pistol, Flame banner, (dep1) 404
      20x Hobbos shields and bows musician (dep 2 - screeen)

Special Magma cannon hellbound (dep 3A) 170
          Rocket (dep 3B ) 100

Rare K’daai 325 (dep 4)

                5          2 hobbos              5             3 magma

4kdaai                1(gen bsb IG)                      3 smith      3rocket    

The idea is that hobbos are in 2 ranks to pepper and put IG in soft cover)
behind the IG deathstar with my lads, machines classically and fast flank kdaai, khans as skirmisher and warmachine hunters…

One note I don’t think that Zharr are the best duelists and thus I don’t want to waste them in challenges. I do not declare challenges and let my opponent to use his best duelist and answer with unit champion while the lords and heroes hack their way through the unit.

Please Help, I do not have a lot of time on my hands (girl due Jan) or money (girl due in Jan;) ) so I have to get it right.


Firstly welcome to the forums!

Looking at your list it seems you are trying to get as many points out of a litle models as possible, it all seems a little overloaded. The Legion of Azgorh is probably not the best army to build on a budget if you’re using Warhammer Forge Models!

Going off your current lilst I would change a few things. Your prophet looks illegal having like items but I haven’t checked. I would give him the Talisman of Preservation and enchanted shield or trickster’s helm. Maybe a dispel scroll. I would instead give your Daemonsmith the chalice o free up point on your Prophet. Also drop the pistols.

The Khans are fine, giving one the Ruby Ring of Rhun or Terrifying mask of Eee! for a nasty surprise.

Horde of 30 Infernal Guard is great. If you want a high density of poins give them Blunderbusses, 30 of them are amazing.

If you’re using the goblins as a screen, keep them bare. Their thrown daggers are just as good for stand and shoot anyway and shields are a waste if you expect them to die.

Specials and Rares are great, can’t go wrong with them to be honest!


Looks ok, I’d just watch what equipment you’re giving your characters as your first two are ‘illegal’ - you can olny have one of each type of magic item e.g. one magical armour, so you can’t have both mask of the furnace and an enchanted shield. Also consider how to get the best points value out of them - there’s no point in having both an enchanted shield and a great weapon for example.

Here is a typical character load out:

Sorcerer prophet, level 4, lore of hashut, enchanted shield, talisman of preservation

Infernal castellan, bsb, mask of the furnace, great weapon or shield

Daemonsmith, level 1, lore of fire, dispel scroll, charmed shield

Other than that, should be ok!

Lord Farfocel:

:o Hi! Thanks for your help and support… First I daft about the illegal characters, I was under the impression that you could have a shield, helmet and armour… daft…

Second I have a love/hate relationship with FW and their models. I love the Drazhar model, Taurus, magma cannon, kdaai fireborn and siege mortar. Hate the kdaai destroyer model project, and the rest of them are more or less meh… Not worth their price.

I intend to go for a Deamon forge army, with hobbos as firepit slaves, IG as a couple of clans working together (though distinct - converted dwarfs)… will use Bale taurus with some green stuff flames, scratch built rocket launcher and a fw magma cannon… So I guess no sweat about the huge costs…:wink: and now for the list… give me 10 minuts

Hail Hashut

Lord Farfocel:


Hi Fellow Daavi Zharr!

The Force of Zharr Bhobrek 2.0

L: prophet Lv4, tal of pres, ench shield, dispel scroll, blood of hashut, other trickster shard (for screwing with characters) 410

H: smith lv1 chalice 145

H: Castellan BSB MoFurnace, Iron icon, Great W, 205

H: Khan spear,shield,armour, wolf 60 (redirector, pain in the neck)

H Khan all above + Pinky Ring 85 (war machines and skirmisher killer)

C: 32 IG Fcd, flame banner 426

C: 20 hobbos musician 84 (operation slave shield)

S: Magma cannon hellbound 170

S: deathrocket

R: Kdaaai 325



Looks fine. I would swap the flaming banner for lichebone pennant:

1. You’ve already got enough flaming attacks

2. The MR1 stacks with the 5+ ward vs flaming attacks from the armour to give a 4+ ward against flaming spells (all lore of fire and metal spells)


Looks fine. I would swap the flaming banner for lichebone pennant:

1. You've already got enough flaming attacks
2. The MR1 stacks with the 5+ ward vs flaming attacks from the armour to give a 4+ ward against flaming spells (all lore of fire and metal spells)

Blasphemy! You can never have enough flaming attacks with the Lore of Hashut.