[Archive] First Shot at this CD thing


So here is my first list- please tell me what u think.


CD hero w/ GW and AoG and GoBtC=114 General

CD hero w/ BSB -Slavery=135

CD sorc Hero (shadow) W/CoD=150

CD sorc Hero (metal)w/ 2 dispells= 150


CDx23 w/ GW+ Musc (both general and BSB go here) =263

CDx 14 w/ blund (sorc goes here) =168

CDx 14 w/ blund (sorc goes here) =168

Hobox20 W/ LA, Sheild + mus and standard =100

Hobox20 W/ LA, Sheild + mus and standard =100

hobox36 Mus+ standard =92

hobox36 Mus+ standard =92

hobox40 Mus+ standard =100

hobox40 Mus+ standard =100


2 rockets =160

4 BT=120



CBx6 w/ hvy armor= 126


4dd + 2 scrolls and a CoD


The gobos (20x stay next to the anvil CD unit) getting ld 10 reroll break and phsyco tests. making a rock hard wall

and the other gobos spread between the CD’s. CB stay in back for anything that gets through. creating a slow moving wall of Chaos Dwarf goodness, i think gunlines might be hard for me.


Personally, (i have never played CD but i have played other armies) I would make your hob goblins just the basic. Nothing but hand weapons (and I think they come with shields for no extra points.) I would use this as a screen unit and I would drop some of your hob goblins and get some more Warriors or get more Blunderbusses. The two death rockets may not be affective, but if you trade those out for 4 bt, then i for one wont send my armies agianst you, it would be no fun, you would kill me lol. so heres what i would do…

1.) naked hob goblins

2.) Less hob goblins (in theory you only need like 2-4 groups of hobs to help block enemy from moving to your shooters,)

3.) Keep the ES, BTs, and Rockets this will give you a very nice and fun first 2 turns. (most enemies will not have nearly that much missile fire, some armies wont even have missile troups, i.e. Khorne hordes of chaos, or beastmen.)

4.) More Blunderbusses, OR get another group of CD warriors.

5.) be able to change your army a lil before game. meaning…

If you are going against a heavy hitting army - Chaos beastmen dwarves, then you want 5X3 BB so you can get rank bonus

If you are going agianst a horde army - night goblins, skaven, vampire counts (if Skele ad zombie heavy) get your BB in a 10X1 so that you can get the maximum hits and possibly kill more units in one turn, if going for weaker enemies.

6.) Lastly test it out and do what ever you want. The above is just advice. I may be totally wrong, Massing Hob goblins may be the way to go. It just depends on your play style. Test it out and see how it works.

Good luck :slight_smile:


I’m not really sure I see the point of 2 level 2 sorcerors (your list doesn’t say you’ve upgraded them, but I’m assuming from the points you have). I’ve used 2 Sorcerors before and they never really seem to do much.

Personally, I’d just go with the scoll caddy and drop the other guy.

Use the spare points to either buy another hero, give the BCs or Warriors a Warbanner or bulk up your blunderbuss units - one wound on them and they’ll be down to strength 4 (or 2 wounds if you have Sorcerors in them).

The rest of the Heroes look good. I’ve never used the Banner of slavery but with that many Hobgobs I can see why you’d want it :wink:

I’m slightly puzzled as to why you’ve put armour and shields on the smaller Hobgob units but not the larger ones. I’d strip the 2 smaller units bare and use them for baiting or flanking, then give the larger units armour and shield so they can have that nice 4+ save in hand to hand. If you do that drop them down to 30 strong units (Over 30 is excessive for a fully armed unit and will make them awkward to manoeuvre). Fwiw, i’ve found Hobgob units with armour and shield to be surprisingly useful, especially if they’re near the General for that LD10 (and also in your case for the Banner of slavery reroll).

Lastly, I wouldn’t bother giving the Warriors Great Weapons. It’s 46 points you won’t see much of a return on. Particularly since you’ll have 2 heroes in that unit to dish out some hurt (especially your general). Having 2 heroes in that unit (and assuming you field them in a 5 wide rank) means that that 46 point outlay is only going to result in you getting 3 Great Weapon attacks a round. I would drop the great weapons, and use the points to buy the unit a war banner (that would give them an extra 2 points of combat res that would stack with the army banner for a massive +6 points of static combat res, +7 if you have outnumber). You may also want to buy the unit a Champion just in case you need him to accept a challenge on behalf of one of your heroes.


Awesome point about the GW’s i didn’t think of it like that.

2 lvl 2 sorc? i understand where ur going, i figure it was a cheap way to build up my anti magic andbe able to use all my PD’s.

The thought is with the small grp of hobo’s is that they’d be decently armored and they would have a shit ton of leadership along with reroll break and pycho tests for still very very cheap. that unit of 20 would have the same LD as the CD warriors and they’d be -1 to the ws and armor save, but have a higher US for almost 100pts cheaper. Put a x2 hobos and a CD with general and standard you have a VERY big anvil, imo best u can get without a stuburn or a unbreakable roster choice.