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So i’ve never played my chaos dwarfs before… i’ve just been a collector… but a good friend of mine convinced me to play them at a local tourney at my local store so i made my first list and i’d love some advice… Advice on things such as, model placement… How the destroyer works completely lol and anything else you feel like sharing.

point vaule 2500/2500

Lord - Sorcerer-Prophet (400)

blackshard armour, brb - armour of destiny, brb- ironcurse icon, brb-talisman of preservation, dragonforged weapon, level 4, lore of death

Heroes - Daemonsmith sorcerer

blackshard armour, brb-dispel scroll, enscorcalled hand weapon, lvl 1 wizard, lore of metal, brb-luckstone


30x hobgoblin cutthroat (10 wide to maximize shots)

30x hand weapon, 30x light armour, 30x throwing knives, 30x bow,30x shields

30x hobgoblin cutthroat (10 wide to maximize shots)

30x hand weapon, 30x light armour, 30x throwing knives, 30x bow,30x shields

15x infernal guard (3 ranks of 5 )

15x hand weapon, 15x shield, 15x blackshard armour, 15x fireglaive

15x infernal guard (3 ranks of 5 )

15x hand weapon, 15x shield, 15x blackshard armour, 15x fireglaive


Iron daemon war engine


Magma Cannon

Magma Cannon



K’daai Destroyer

The tourney is in 9 hours lol any playstyle tips would be great… i haven’t even read the codex for each of these fully so any "this is how you use it… first roll 2 dice then X X …X X …X " tips would be GREAT

Thanks in advance


Prophet: You cannot wear more than one armor. So no need for Armor of Destiny. Just give him the talisman of preservation. Improve his save further with the dragonhelm or enchanted shield. If not going with the dragonhelm he needs the dragonbane gem for a 2+ ward save against fire. Earthning Rod er nice, because it allows you to re-roll miscast table results. Pretty important with a general lvl 4 mage.

In such a large game you need to bring a Castellan with BSB and make sure he survives. Perhaps with the Mask of the Furnace. He’ll make one of your large infantry blocks both stubborn and give a much neede LD-reroll. Would also benefit from either dragonhelm or dragonbane gem. I out the iron curse icon on my BSB.

Fireglaives are not wort their points. Make a large block 20-30 Infernal Guard with hand weapons and shields. Give them the razor banner for more damage output.

I like to bring a sall fireglaive unit for protecting my daemonsmith babysitting the warmachines. And they can pick out eagles, faast cavalry etc. When bringing fireglaives make sure to have a champion with naptha bombs in there. Then you can make better “short range” stand and shoot charge reactions.

Not knowing which models you have at your disposal. You need either bull centaurs or hobgoblin khans to protect your destroyer. Make sure it doesn’t get charge by the wrong stuff and get bugged down doing nothing.

I would bring a deathshrieker in stead of one magma cannon. The St8 rocket can helt bring down large monsters, steam tanks etc.

There are a lot of 2400-2600 point armylists in the armylist section. Check them out. Loads of advice and tactics in all those old threads.

Good luck on your tournament. Bring us honour.


Would be good to know what models you have got. But here are a few things:


You have a pretty gunline at the moment. That’s fair, but keep in mind that CD perform best with a mixed list. We got great warmachines but our shooting units are rather bad or too expensive. Take some warmachines as you did, but then focus on cc with your troops. 2x20 Hobgoblins with bows are the maximum addition IMO as they do okay at cleaning the battlefield from typical redirectors for only 20 points per unit to get the bows. The CDs vetter go with board and sword and razorbanner, personally I field them with great weapons cause I prefer the S6 over the increased survivavility in CC, as S6 threatens monsters as well as knights… but HW/S are great as well.

Sorcerer Prophet:

Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Flying Carpet… increased mobility so he won’t fet locked in CC, can leave an area when it gets to hot easily and gets in range for lore if death easy. Remember you get a 2+ look out sir when you are close to a warmachine, a 4+ look out sir when you are close to any other unit AND hard cover when you are behind the unit… aand… a single infantry model can easily be hidden behind cover or an iron demon or so. Totally safe bet. Don’t stick your sorcerer prophet into units when you don’t have too. The flying prophet also provides mobile LD10 to your advancing troops :wink:


Give him the Chalice of Blood and darkness and leave him between your warmschineswarmachines. You know how to use the chalice to full effect?


Take two Khans with Spears, Wolf and Light armor for hunting warmachines and redirecting enemy units, increasing your shooting phases and letting you choose combats way better.

Magma Cannons:

One Magma Cannon and 2 Deathshrieker or one magma one desthshrieker and one hellcannon are usually enough and well rounded. The first Setup offers 3 plates, 1 of them is multi wound and s5 with great accuracy AND the option to fire two S8 D6 wounds rockets. The second Option is better due to s5 plate s10 Center hit with d6 wounds AND CC support ability, but you better have a daemonsmith in range AND it is more expensive. Personally I always had great success with 2x DS 1x Magma


BSB is not necessarily needed IMO. A flying sorcerer prophet provides LD10, the infernal guard with gleaming pennant for 5 points is fair enough… i don’t care if 100 points of hobgoblins fail an LD check. I don’t dpend 200 points on a modell that does near to nothing other than giving a reroll for goblins… gleaming pennant and ld10 sorcerer is wax enough for infernal guard an two flanking hobgobbo units…


Just had a first glance at this thread and Im curious :-). How did it work out at your tourney? <br>To play first game at all or with a new army is very ...lets call it “challenging” at a tournament, especially if there were time limits or so :).