[Archive] First World War Body Armour


Linketylink. Some minor experiments with body armour were undertaken during WWI, apart from widespread issuing of steel helmets. None of it was ever universally issued, which might have contributed strongly to the war’s casaulties seeing as how a very large degree were caused by artillery shell shrapnel. Check it out.


The bosses didn’t really care about casualties back then did they.  
How much would that cost? No don’t bother with it.

‘What Oh, Old chap. Over the wall. Its only machine gun fire’

Fuggit Khan:

I love military history…and the evolution of armor and helmets has always interested me.

Original German ‘lobster armor’ is a rare collectible these days…and one bit of info that most people are not aware of: the large lug bolts on German WWI helmets not only fasten the interior padding, but also allow a second piece of molded armor to “bolt on” to the front outside of the helmet, commonly used by front line spotters (peering up from a forward trench) to protect them from snipers.

But even more interesting (to me at least) are some of the rare helmet prototypes in some of those pics in the link.

The various Austro Hungarian prototype helmets alone are the rarest of all, and will fetch $5,000 each at militaria auctions and shows.