[Archive] Fishmen in Mordheim


Hi all i thought this would be the best website to show my fishmen

basically when i saw the new blood letters the first thing i said was ‘i need some of those’ and the second ‘they look pretty fishy’

Now my friends and i are starting a Mordheim campaign and it seemed the perfect setting to convert some fishmen

so without further adoo

This was my prototype: basically bloodletter with no horns rounded head, skink fins on arms and a trident made from saurus spear and his old horns, oh and a tabbard from a dire avenger

I tried to add greenstuff to make a small head fin and side gill things

the rest of the gang-

most are armed with coral swords or tridents and bucklers. I think they all need the odd armour plate on the shoulder and i tried a new hilt conversion on my leader- the one in the outstreched pose

by putting two curved nid plates on as a hilt guard

Anyway to my dilemma do they look fishy enough, i don’t know

They may need bigger fins on the sides

Or maby a new fishier head

Lastly sorry for the bad quality pictures, they are my first and secondly thanks for any help and advice on making and improving the fishmen


Nice conversions! :slight_smile:


That turned out really nice!

Kera foehunter:

nice job *Kera make notes must get new blood letters!!!) fish men rules


Have just tried converting the heros with unique fins as i thought my fishmen would have an easy way of distiguishing rank by the size of the fins, but i dont know if some of them are over the top.




And finally is this head fin ok or should i try and green stuff them all?


And on the above picture ,should they have tails? my friends say no but i dont know

Thanks for all the input



I think giving them more bulbous eyes would help make them look more fishy.

Having said that, the conversions are very clever.

The bases would look nice with small pieces of plastic aquarium plants as sea weed (should help the overall effect).

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looks very nice. I think the coral swords will need to be shown mostly through the paintjob and if it’s not working well enough, tridents all the way as they look great. As for tails, (I think the one you’ve got there is a tyranid one, if I’m not mistaken :wink: ) I think if you can use ones that are similar to fins, that might help. As for the heads, maybe remove the crest of the suarus heads and add it to the bloodletter heads. Very good use of parts again.

Maybe add a couple of barnacles or winkles to the hands of the heroes/veterans etc. I like the larger fins idea. Helps a lot. maybe convert one to look as though it’s swimming (just for fun). I’m not really a fishperson guy (got nothing wrong with them), but you may have just tempted me into getting more bloodthristers and copying you (I can always use them as beastmen I guess :stuck_out_tongue: ). What list will you use and will you have anything other than the basic humanoid shape? Like if you use a beastmen list and take a inotaur, would it be a great-white shark-man or giant squidhead?

Kera foehunter:

this is one of the best converion i seen in a long while . A total new idea

great job Fish man


These are amazing. I think I am going to borrow this idea, and add a little more to how I would want it to be. I was thinking a while ago to use the lizardmen to make a warcraft 3 style naga race. a mix of this and my ideas would be cool maybe. These look amazing though good job


What a great idea for bloodletters. I’d love to heap more accolades on you but the pictures are too dark but for what I can see the conversions are awesome.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m tempted to edit the newly made Fishmen ruleset I’ve been giving Kyte my thoughts upon, to work as a Mordheim list. If that’s cool with Kyte. Then, you could playtest it for us…

zorn sabretooth:

possibly lovecraftian but my two cents: webbed hands!!!


Wow, that’s a really nice idea! Really like your fishmen. Personally, I would add some type of skin between his arms and his body, maybe between their fingers as well.