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Hey guys,

Since it’s a well known fact that if a character moves into base to base via make way while in unit under the hex flame cage (triggering the entire unit suffering a str 4 hit)

My question is for the chaos dwarf lore of Hashut spell, Ash storm (which makes all the models in a unit take a dangerous terrain test if the unit moves)

Would that effect trigger if a wizard leaves the unit (of course he suffers one, but is now free to cast) As the unit has to “fill ranks” upon his departure?

Or am I totally wrong in my train of thought here?

Everyone’s thoughts?


I agree, that works. A character leaving a unit counts as moving.

For example if the unit has bows, a character leaves the unit, so they now count as having moved.

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Awesome find !!!

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haha! Very nice! Sneaky but awesome!


damn, re-read the wording, and realized it doesnt work. boo

Grimbold Blackhammer:

What part doesn’t work?

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In the FAQ, if the character moves INSIDE the unit, the unit counts as moving.
If the character leaves the unit, there is nothing which says that the unit counts as moving. A big blank in term of rules (It’s not clear in French in any case…)

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Q: Can characters change position inside a unit as part of a

normal move?(p97)

A: Yes, as long as they end up in the rank closest to the front of

the unit that has a space in. It is also worth remembering that

even if only the character moves the whole unit will count as

moving that turn. Having a belligerent officer barge his way

through the unit is not conducive to a good round of shooting!

I think it’s not completely unreasonable to say a character joining a unit, leaving a unit, or changing position within a unit, counts as moving.

Grimbold Blackhammer