[Archive] Flame Daemons available (Puppets War.eu)


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~50mm high, 5 for 25 euro, i need my xmas cash!!


I do like them, but what were you thinking of using them as?.. K’daai?

Goltor Lintrepide:

Of course, they make perfect k’daai fireborn.

Thanks to share fattdex


Yeah, i am no fan of the forgeworld models, so look forward to grabbing these for fireborn. I think while not perfect they have done a nicer job of sculpting flame.


I like them alot, great find! Would like to see a size comparison though… :slight_smile:


50mm high seems a little on the small side.


I might just end up getting some of these for Fireborn. 50mm seems about the right height for models on 40mm bases.


They look great - if anyone buys them a pic with a CD for size comparison would be great!

Thanx for sharing! :hat off



I will be the nay sayer here. I do not like them. The fluff behind the kadii race is that they were created by the dwari zhar by creating metal constructs and then biding fire demons into them. Only making them active when needed. The model may be fine but it does not fit the fluff at all. For that reason I do not overly care for them.


Neither does the forgeworld model hit that mark to my mind, so, feckit. I had expected an awesome robotic golem spewing flames from forgeworld, but they created something half arsed in my mind. Fire daemons look cool. Who’s to say there isn’t some infernal device at their core.

Kera foehunter:

50mm high seems a little on the small side.

Well maybe there Dwarf k'daai fireborn
:hat off


These would make incredible flamers of Tzeentch, but I think they’re a little on the small sid efor K’daai.